Pitch Shot – Clampett’s Corner

How to Master the 40-Yard Pitch Shot

What’s the most important shot in ALL of golf?  You may be surprised to learn that it’s not possessing the ability to bomb it long and straight off the tee.  It’s not being able to rescue yourself from trouble out of some pretty nasty rough, or even a really deep bunker.  And it isn’t that 10-foot par putt, either. Nope, it’s a shot that would seem to be routine and easy to do.   But for many golfers, it isn’t.  In this edition of Clampett’s Corner, Bobby  explains why mastering a 40-yard pitch shot will turn you into a fantastic ball striker and elevate your game as a whole.  Learning how to correctly utilize all the dynamics of Impact on a 40-yard pitch shot will aid you in delivering many more good shots from any distance throughout your round.

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