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Our World Headquarters in Naples, Florida is home to state-of-the-art golf technology and world-class Impact Zone certified golf instructors… so you can experience results that last. Your golf lesson begins with our 3-Step Process : starting with an assessment and then guiding you through our various training options so you can reach your breakthrough, over and over again.

Golf Lessons & Instruction

Prefer one-on-one coaching? Take your game to the next level with private golf lessons at our Indoor Facility located in Naples, FL. Utilizing the top technologies in golf, you and your personal Impact Zone Instructor will take a total look at your entire game and create a customized plan to get you on the road to better impact.

Come see why we get so many incredible stories every week from our students about how they’ve improved drastically and are having the most fun playing golf they’ve ever had! Schedule your new student impact assessment today!

Here's what you'll get:


Will Strycker

I have taken several lessons at Impact Zone Golf. Bobby Clampett’s 5 Dynamics provide a solid basis for improvement. Bernard Sheridan’s lessons have been very helpful and reinforce the 5 Dynamics. He provides excellent demonstrations and explanations. Bernie’s approach brings the Five Dynamics to life. He has posted videos on my online training space which further explain and reinforce material presented during the lessons. Thanks Bernie, I appreciate your help.

Kevin Page

Paul is a very good teacher. The lessons have done exactly what I wanted them to do

George Palmer

Lloyd Johnson was fantastic! Absolutely the most knowledgeable instructor on the golf swing I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with.

Bryan Banks

This was a very good experience, informative and Paul was especially good at considering some physical limitations I have. I have had many , many golf lessons from professionals, but this is the first professional golf lesson I have ever had.

Dee Ferguson

Very appreciative of Paul’s coaching skills and the technology used to help me improve. Can’t wait to focus energy on the weak points and gain consistency with his guidance. Highly recommend this approach for any golfer who wants to improve their play; that will include most everyone.

John Dolan

Lloyd Johnson’s knowledge of this swing along with his enthusiasm were only amplified by his ability to explain their method of the golf swing in the simplest terms. Very professional.

Steven Elefson

First rate equipment and analysis from very knowledgeable and nice people. Bobby and his staff are great. It was a top notch experience.

Mark Proft

Outstanding analysis tools and specific, actionable advice on how to improve my swing. Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you IZG!

George Whiteley

My wife and I attended a two day school this past weekend and had the remarkable good fortune to have Bernard Sheridan to ourselves for a total of 8 hours. He focused on each of us with our individual swing issues. He introduced us to a series of drills which will be key to our improvement now and in the future. The drills we feel are hugely effective to learn the feel of maximizing the workhorse dynamic so essential to achieve consistent ball striking.

Barry Dunleavy-Realtor

Appreciated the lesson and the shared learning. I look forward to making the suggested changes and returning for a follow up lesson.




Step 1: Assess

The first step on your journey toward a lifetime of better golf begins with Assessment. Allow one of our trained Impact Zone certified instructors to examine every aspect of your game- formulating a plan tailored to your specific needs. That plan will guide you as you begin Step Two: Training.

Step 2: Train

Once you have received your Assessment results, you’re ready for Step 2. Using your customized improvement plan, your coach will guide you through our appropriate training options.

At our World Headquarters, we offer Private Instruction and state-of-the-art technology to lead you to Step Three: your Breakthrough.


A lifetime of better golf only begins with your Assessment and Training. The real key to unlocking years and years of fun on the course? The Breakthrough.

During your training, you will reach goals that you thought were unattainable. We call this your Breakthrough. We help you achieve this by giving you access to ongoing performance improvement plans. Because we don’t just want you to meet one goal. We want to help you raise the bar even higher, creating new Breakthroughs for the rest of your life.

The Studio

Our World Headquarters indoor facility literally has it all! From a team of professionally trained and certified Impact Zone instructors to a state-of-the-art indoor putting area, we have the technology and the people to take your game further than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Work with Bobby Clampett’s world class team, and even enjoy a glass of the finest Clampett Cellars wine when it’s all over. You have to see it to believe it!

Private Golf lessons

Prefer one-on-one coaching? Take your game to the next level with private golf lessons at our Indoor Facility located in Naples, FL. Utilizing the top technologies in golf, you and your personal Impact Zone Instructor will take a total look at your entire game and create a customized plan to get you on the road to better impact.

PLUS- want to know what you should REALLY be focusing on to improve your game? Sign up for Trackman Combine- a 60-shot test that will determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You will hit shots that range from 60 yards out to hitting the driver as far and straight as you can. You will be awarded points for how close the ball landed to the target. Once your score is set, you and your coach will formulate a plan that attacks your weaknesses, and transforms them into strengths!

Zone Performance

Dynamic Impact isn’t just a physical thing. Getting into “the zone” requires mental balance and stability, and the best players in the world pay critical attention to this part of their game!

At Impact Zone Golf, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure that our players are performing at an optimal level. Through the use of HeartMath, Focus Band, and our skilled mental coaches, we are able to truly provide a holistic experience for all of our golfers.

Meet Our Instructors

Bobby Clampett

Founder, CEO, PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction