Meet Our Staff

Harrison Joyner

Impact Zone® Staff Instructor, PGA

Harrison is a Class A PGA Professional emphasizing in instruction and coaching for long-term improvement. His background in golf began at a very early age, being taught by his father, who attended the University of Alabama on a collegiate golf scholarship. Harrison went on to attend Mississippi State University, majoring in Professional Golf Management. During his golf career he has worked at top clubs from coast to coast including Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club/Mid Pines located in Pinehurst, N.C., Pebble Beach Golf Resort (Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay) in Monterey, CA and Crooked Stick Golf Club located just north of Indianapolis. Harrison has now continued his journey teaming up with Bobby Clampett at Impact Zone Golf as a certified instructor teaching Impact-Based instruction. No matter the ability or age, Harrison brings his passion for coaching to every lesson.

“The biggest reward for me is being able to help others excel in whatever it is they want to achieve. There is nothing greater than making a difference in one’s life.”

Student Testimonials

Joe Crone

Excellent instructor (Lloyd), took his time with me and explained everything so that I could clearly understand the changes I need to make and what to work on

Craig Maser

I’m only 5 lessons completed of a 10 lesson package and the experience has been excellent! I’ve been swinging a golf club off and on for 40+ years and finally decided that I wanted to learn the right way to play so I can eventually lower my scores and have more enjoyment on the course. I’m already hitting the ball on target much more consistently! My coach, Bernard Sheridan, has a nice approach with his training process. I now practice several times each week and am seeing the benefits.

Ron S.

Lloyd provides a very detailed understanding of what needs to be worked on

Timothy R.

At Impact Zone, you will gain a better understand the golf swing and how all of the data that can be collected from simulation software can be translated into better ball striking and ultimately a lower handicap! They have a great facility, all of the latest technology, and a great staff – including Harry! I highly recommend this to those golfers who are serious about improving their game.

Bryan W.

This team is well worth the money. They are excellent teachers and coaches. And the technology is amazing. Invest in yourself to become the best you can be and sign up for lessons. You’ll be glad you did!

Nancy P.

Harrison is very detailed and professional! No matter your level of skill, he doesn’t talk down to you or get frustrated. He definitely knows the best strategies of golf!

Steve E.

I can say that my time spent with Bobby Clampett and his Impact Zone Training Academy has made me a better golfer.  I have played the game since I was 9 and was once a decent golfer, but as I aged and played less my game became very frustrating for me.  The Impact Zone teaching methods focuses on 4 very simple concepts to make you hit the ball better and not a complete swing overhaul.  I have once again lowered my handicap to 6 but more importantly enjoy the game more.  Equally important the knowledge I gained allows me to continue and practice with a purpose and fix those reoccurring flaws that pop up in all of our games. 

I really can’t say enough about Bobby and his whole staff.  They are dedicated to truly making you play the game better.  I will always be grateful for the time, knowledge, and attention I received at Impact Zone Golf Academy.  Oh yes, I had fun as well!

Nick B.

Working with Colton Kenagy. He’s been awesome, helping me improve a lot while also being very accommodating to my schedule and even doing online lessons as well. Overall, I’ve been extremely happy while working with Colton and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve.


Colton knows his stuff and has a great way of explaining so you can relate/feel the adjustments. Facility is state of the art. Trackman, pressure plate, real time video. They also record the video with audio so you can access anytime after the lesson.

From the assessment alone I’ve shaved a couple strokes off my HC.

Highly recommend!

Rick K.

Just wanted to say I’ve read The Impact Zone over and over. I’ve read gazillions of “how to” books on golf and this one finally did it. Took hours of private lessons watched hours of YouTube stuff. Been playing as my main recreation sport since 1987 and was for a while a 4 handicap once upon a time based on strength and flexibility I suppose. Am 66 now and striking it as good now as ever as well as chipping. Putting got better with Stan Utley’s suggestions but trying to incorporate the “flat left wrist” in that too.  
Best instruction book ever. Thank you so much for your contribution.

Meet Our Team

Bobby Clampett

Founder, CEO, PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction

Colton Kenagy

Impact Zone® Staff Instructor & Director of Juniors Golf

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