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Our team of Certified Impact Zone Instructors have been trained personally by Impact-Based Instruction founder, Bobby Clampett. At our various Golf Academies, your golf game is in extremely capable hands.

Steve Toth

Great experience and would strongly recommend IZG for beginners to experts. The professionals know the game and combined with all the technology in the assessment area you begin to understand where your opportunities exist. I look forward to continuing to learn and improve my scores which will lead to a more enjoyable experience on the course. Bernie Sheridan is an outstanding coach.

William Diveley

Colton was amazing with my six year old. Communicates with him so he really understands.

M. D.

I highly recommend Impact Zone Golf. Just by ordering the videos I was hitting the ball longer and straighter. I was very impressed with my instructor Bernard Sheridan. He quickly identified the flaws in my swing and has laid out a clear roadmap on how to fix them. IZG offers high quality instruction for a very reasonable price. I live out of state and plan to get more lessons via the internet with my new swing coach Bernard Sheridan. I don’t play like a tour pro yet but Impact Zone Golf makes me feel like one.

Phil Blanck

Bernard was great! He did a great assessment and gave me the drills to help me get into better positions and improve my swing. One of my best lessons and I have had a single digit handicap for over 50 years.

Dar Th

I had Paul as my instructor and he was so insightful, he helped me right away! I’m a sub 10 HCP and it’s hard to find pro’s with his level of insight. I was very impressed and my random hook is gone! I really like the Impact Zone instruction, it’s so clear. I’m hooked!

Shawn Schiffer

Only days after reading the Impact Zone, I broke 80 for the first time.  My handicap is already down to 10, the lowest it’s ever been, even after two hip replacement surgeries.  I just had to enroll in Bobby’s Signature Golf School. 

Will Weathersby

The IZG studio has an amazing array of technology that shows you exactly what is going on with your golf swing. Bernie is a great instructor who is able to take that information and give you various drills and feelings of how to put a plan together for long term improvement. It really takes away guess work of how to improve.

Felipe Duran

I started at Impact golf a little over a month ago and i can really see the difference in my game. Bernard is a top notch instructor and is extremely patient with me. He understands my needs and knows the best way to get me to improve. I would highly recommend Impact golf and Bernard to anyone from beginners to scratch golfers.

Terry W. Yates

I am still drawing off of your lesson. I shot a career low 68 last Sunday. It’s been my best year of golf and wanted to thank you again.

Thomas E. Parent, MD

I have completely rebuild my golf swing with Dennis Clark. I have never made as much progress in such a short time as with Dennis. You will be lucky to have him as your Instructor.

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