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Our team of Certified Impact Zone Instructors have been trained personally by Impact-Based Instruction founder, Bobby Clampett. At our various Golf Academies, your golf game is in extremely capable hands.

Dave Horton

My 12 year old son Kody studied at Impact Zone Golf Academy last summer. The sessions were 3 times a week, 3 hours at a day. His game improved greatly in just a few short months. His short game from 100 yards in showed the greatest improvement. Instead of simply trying to get on the green, Kody is now focusing on sticking it close. In addition, the putting analysis equipment at the indoor facility explained his putting flaws and how to improve. His stroke is now firm and confident.

Anthony Senagore

Bernard was clear, concise, and precise in explaining need adjustments to my swing. One of the best approaches to swing adjustments I have experienced



Thanks for taking a look and the feedback. Really appreciate your insight and instruction.

When we started I wasn’t quite sure how the remote part would work out. I’ve been really pleased at our ability to work remotely.

Hopefully I can keep tweaking the swing through the summer. I do know I would like to get back to Fl probably in October to be back in front of you.

George Whiteley

My wife and I attended a two day school this past weekend and had the remarkable good fortune to have Bernard Sheridan to ourselves for a total of 8 hours. He focused on each of us with our individual swing issues. He introduced us to a series of drills which will be key to our improvement now and in the future. The drills we feel are hugely effective to learn the feel of maximizing the workhorse dynamic so essential to achieve consistent ball striking.

Ruth Thornton

Excellent experience with ‘Bernie’ as my instructor – have seen great improvements in my game, but more importantly, he took the mystery out of how to play better golf, it’s just a system, a protocol of some fundamentals that equate to better ball striking and consistency – huge thanks to Bernie – I’m back to loving the game

Lex Tsaggaris

I just wanted to give you some feedback on how effective your school has been for me. When I came to the school, I was shooting between 85 and 90, after having been a single digit handicapper only a few years ago. I had lost my confidence and I was trying to return to fundamentals and find my game, without much success. It is now two months after I attended your Impact Zone Golf School. I have been working on what I learned pretty diligently. I cannot thank you all enough. I am telling all of my friends about your school.

Dee Ferguson

Very appreciative of Paul’s coaching skills and the technology used to help me improve. Can’t wait to focus energy on the weak points and gain consistency with his guidance. Highly recommend this approach for any golfer who wants to improve their play; that will include most everyone.

Ken Zimmer

I am working with Bernard Sheridan and he is excellent. Cannot wait to see how much more improvement I can continue to make. Very knowledgeable.

Charles Kupperman

Just finished another great lesson with Bernie Sheridan. He is a great coach and teacher. Every drill has a purpose, he improves the golf swing in a step by step progression, and he builds a drill plan that is tailored to what each student needs. Can’t say enough about the benefits of Bernie and Impact Zone.

Terry W. Yates

I am still drawing off of your lesson. I shot a career low 68 last Sunday. It’s been my best year of golf and wanted to thank you again.

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