Customer Testimonials

Our team of Certified Impact Zone Instructors have been trained personally by Impact-Based Instruction founder, Bobby Clampett. At our various Golf Academies, your golf game is in extremely capable hands.

Ellie B

I am so happy I invested time to do this! I am a Junior Golfer, with two Junior World Runner-Up titles including two Jr World Tournament Low rounds. As a Freshman in the fall of 2019 I won the NorCal High School championship and low round record holder. I have had significant coaching and this season has been the most amazing to date.

Barry Dunleavy-Realtor

Appreciated the lesson and the shared learning. I look forward to making the suggested changes and returning for a follow up lesson.

M. D.

I highly recommend Impact Zone Golf. Just by ordering the videos I was hitting the ball longer and straighter. I was very impressed with my instructor Bernard Sheridan. He quickly identified the flaws in my swing and has laid out a clear roadmap on how to fix them. IZG offers high quality instruction for a very reasonable price. I live out of state and plan to get more lessons via the internet with my new swing coach Bernard Sheridan. I don’t play like a tour pro yet but Impact Zone Golf makes me feel like one.

Craig Maser

I’m only 5 lessons completed of a 10 lesson package and the experience has been excellent! I’ve been swinging a golf club off and on for 40+ years and finally decided that I wanted to learn the right way to play so I can eventually lower my scores and have more enjoyment on the course. I’m already hitting the ball on target much more consistently! My coach, Bernard Sheridan, has a nice approach with his training process. I now practice several times each week and am seeing the benefits.

Steven Elefson

First rate equipment and analysis from very knowledgeable and nice people. Bobby and his staff are great. It was a top notch experience.

Najeeb A.

Took 10 lessons w. Bernard. Awesome experience and super helpful. Helped improve my game tremendously. Would highly recommend if you are a beginner or have been playing for a while and looking to improve.

Chris Panek

I had 2 excellent lessons with Bernard at the Impact Zone. I was on a golf trip and was really struggling with my swing. Luckily we found Bernard and he was able to give me some great instruction to salvage my game on the trip. I went from a terrible hook to some of the best ball striking I’ve had in years. I look forward to working with Bernard remotely from New Jersey and I will be seeing him on my next trip to Naples. Do yourself a favor and book some lessons with Bernard.

Ruth Thornton

Excellent experience with ‘Bernie’ as my instructor – have seen great improvements in my game, but more importantly, he took the mystery out of how to play better golf, it’s just a system, a protocol of some fundamentals that equate to better ball striking and consistency – huge thanks to Bernie – I’m back to loving the game

Nick B.

Working with Colton Kenagy. He’s been awesome, helping me improve a lot while also being very accommodating to my schedule and even doing online lessons as well. Overall, I’ve been extremely happy while working with Colton and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve.

Claudia Hammon

Impact Zone Golf has a gift for being able to see your swing (and makes good use of technology to show you) and is very creative and energetic in finding ways to get you to see and feel a swing with which I can play confidently and consistently.