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Our team of Certified Impact Zone Instructors have been trained personally by Impact-Based Instruction founder, Bobby Clampett. At our various Golf Academies, your golf game is in extremely capable hands.

Terry W. Yates

I am still drawing off of your lesson. I shot a career low 68 last Sunday. It’s been my best year of golf and wanted to thank you again.

Rob Ross

Paul Surniak is a great instructor with many years of experience. I have had lessons from Paul for several years off and on, mostly just when I really needed it! (If you are a long-time golfer, you’ve been there!) Paul always had a knack for getting me back on track. Now that he has hooked up with Impact Zone (Bobby Clampett), he has gotten even better, and so have I. The structure of this system and the supporting measurement technology make it easier to focus on concrete improvements. My wife and I always complained about having to have “87 swing thoughts” whenever you take lessons. Not any more! The Impact Zone training, especially in the hands of a real expert like Paul, is a way to get measurable results while keeping it simple. Most importantly, it’s just more fun to play good golf! I am frequently scoring in the 70’s for the first time in my life and I just turned 65. If you want to get better, no matter your skill level right now, you owe it to yourself to give Impact Zone a try.



Thanks for taking a look and the feedback. Really appreciate your insight and instruction.

When we started I wasn’t quite sure how the remote part would work out. I’ve been really pleased at our ability to work remotely.

Hopefully I can keep tweaking the swing through the summer. I do know I would like to get back to Fl probably in October to be back in front of you.

Ellie B

I am so happy I invested time to do this! I am a Junior Golfer, with two Junior World Runner-Up titles including two Jr World Tournament Low rounds. As a Freshman in the fall of 2019 I won the NorCal High School championship and low round record holder. I have had significant coaching and this season has been the most amazing to date.

Dan L

Bobby, I wanted to let you know how much I’ve improved in just three online lessons with you. They have really helped. I just shot an 83 on my home course and also a 39 on the back nine of a course that has been so challenging to me. That’s my lowest score ever on that course which I’ve played over 30 times. The swing reviews, online chat sessions and all the great drills and material you post to my training space are most valuable, as is your encouraging teaching style. My handicap which is trending lower is already reflecting the consistency in my game as a result of our work together.

Billy McKinney

I’ve taught several IZG schools alongside Bobby, and can with a clear conscience say that every single student I’ve witnessed has dramatically improved the quality of his or her overall ball striking through this sharpshooter approach. I can unequivocally say that IZG has stood out above the rest as a solution for me to engage more students, and even recommend them books and DVD’s for them to study. 

Brent Bowen

Impact Zone Golf has simplified my approach to teaching, and allowed my students to improve their dynamic impact resulting in lower scores.  Working Impact Zone Golf schools and learning first-hand from Bobby has confirmed my passion for teaching, and motivated me to become recently certified in Teaching and Coaching (PGA Certified Professional program).  I would highly recommend Impact Zone training to young instructors, especially with all the style-based information available.

Tom Sopchak

Attending the Impact Zone school, I have seen immediate improvement in the most important aspect of golf: IMPACT.  The Impact Zone system is very simple to understand and learn compared to the “Style-Based” instruction everyone else is teaching in golf.  And you were even able to easily adapt Impact Zone to allow for my minor physical limitations as well.

Lex Tsaggaris

I just wanted to give you some feedback on how effective your school has been for me. When I came to the school, I was shooting between 85 and 90, after having been a single digit handicapper only a few years ago. I had lost my confidence and I was trying to return to fundamentals and find my game, without much success. It is now two months after I attended your Impact Zone Golf School. I have been working on what I learned pretty diligently. I cannot thank you all enough. I am telling all of my friends about your school.

Bill Smith

If you want to have a positive impact on your game, contact Bobby Clampett.  He is a natural teacher who knows how to praise and how to grade hard when necessary.  Bobby is worth every penny.

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