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Impact Zone Golf Instructor Training is now approved under the new PGA Certified Professional Program

Certified Golf Instructor Program


Dear Golf Instructor:

Let’s face it there are lots of systems and organizations out there that you could choose to affiliate your teaching talent with but… allow me a few minutes of your time and I’ll explain why becoming an Impact Zone® Certified Instructor will be the best career move you ever make.


Here are just some of the amazing benefits to your career, reputation and income.

1. First you will be aligning yourself with the best golf teaching system in the world.

Something I can easily help you prove with 1,000’s of testimonials from players whose games improved rapidly using the Impact-Based® Teaching System.

2. You'll also be connecting with a recognized name from the PGA Tour and TV booth

which raises brand awareness for the system and therefore yourself.

3. Learn how to more effectively improve your students impact and thus their game through better communication and a simplified message

that’s much easier to understand than typical style-based golf instruction that simply doesn’t work as well as it should and leaves students confused.

4. You'll quickly understand how to prioritize student's swing flaws and how to get improvement in many areas

by focusing on just one thing, IMPACT!

5. The step by step online instruction will help you quickly master the concepts

making you an even more rounded instructor.

6. You'll enjoy the opportunity for residual income

with our affiliate programs and the wholesale purchase of the DVD System, training aids and books. Pay for your certification in just a few sales. Download product affiliate sheet.

7. You will be eligible

to assist Bobby and Impact Zone® Master Instructors with golf schools, clinics and more increasing your learning and income.

8. You'll also have new opportunities

to instruct in future Impact Zone® Academies or help open your own.

9. You'll find opportunity at later levels to work directly with me and you'll earn 20 PGA MSR (Continuing Education) and 20 of the 250 PGA CPE credits needed to complete the new PGA Certified Professional Program or 12 LPGA CU credits helping you take care of PGA and LPGA requirements

while learning something truly game changing in the process. Stay tuned for new levels of certification coming soon.

10. Higher instruction fees, increased volume of lessons and superior student retention rates

all lead to one thing, more income, happier students, making a difference in the game, and a better life for you!

so you can continue to review additional video instruction and teaching aids. ($215 value)

12. There is one more compelling reason to act

and that’s the feedback I have received for the hundred plus instructors that are already certified…​

Certified Instructor Program


HeAR From Our Certified Instructors


I hope you will join me and my fellow Impact Zone Certified instructors on our passionate crusade to dramatically improve the quality of golf instruction.

The first step to becoming an Impact Zone Certified Instructor is to complete the Advanced Level One Course, $995 for which you will receive 20 MSR credits.

Our Advanced Level One training program is an extensive online learning and examination system, taking the average instructor 20 hours to complete after reading “The Impact Zone

Or call 239-236-5536 to join now and experience a new level of golf instruction and support to maximize your income and your students’ results!


Bobby Clampett
Impact Zone Teaching