Impact Zone® Advanced Level 1 Golf Instructor Training

Impact Zone® Advanced Instructor Training is designed for teaching professionals, coaches, and even the avid golf enthusiast. By completing this training, the student will be well versed in the knowledge of Impact-Based® Teaching Concepts, which is a revolutionary way to gain faster results in one’s own game, as well as one’s students’ game.

PGA Approved Certified Professional golf Program

Upon completion you will receive 25 PGA Member Service Requirement, (MSR) Credits

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What you'll learn

Advanced Level 1 Training introduces the instructor to the basics of Impact-Based® Instruction, learning the 5 Dynamics, the 5 Aspects of Impact, and understanding how to prioritize swing flaws in a student through the strategy of working from impact, backward.  Instructors will also take a novice golfer and best equip them to quickly develop his/her own swing style.  The swing is taught in steps to expedite the learning process and to develop balance, flow, and muscle memory.

Upon the successful conclusion and certification,
you will be able to demonstrate the following:

Learn how to quickly build a new beginners swing by teaching the student (in the following order):

About The Curriculum

The training consists of a self-study of written and video-based materials, each followed by an exam. Upon successful completion, PGA professionals will receive 25 MSR credits and LPGA professionals will receive 12 credits. PGA Members enrolled or enrolling in the future into the PGA’s new Certified Professional Program (Teaching and Coaching Career Path), will be credited 25 of the 250 CPE credits needed to complete the Program.

Curriculum consists of:

After successful completion, all students will receive the following:

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