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About Bobby Clampett

Bobby Clampett is a PGA Tour Winner, Champions Tour Player, CBS Sports Broadcaster, and author.Recently, Bobby’s instructional insights and abilities as a teaching professional earned him the PGA of America’s top teaching designation: PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching. Bobby is the first lifetime member of the PGA Tour to earn this honor.

In 2007, Bobby developed a revolutionary teaching model, based on his own career and study of the best players… The IMPACT ZONE®. As demand for his teaching skyrocketed, Bobby recruited the best teachers and coaches in the game to become certified in his method.

Led by Bobby’s top Master Instructors, IMPACT ZONE® Golf now runs programs across the country.

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It's All About Impact, Not Swing Style!

If you really want to improve your GAME and improve FAST…then it’s time to start thinking about IMPACT!

Dynamic 1- Flat Left Wrist at Impact

For right handed players, this means that at impact your left wrist is flat.

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Dynamic 2- Forward Swing Bottom

The club head should bottom out about 4 inches ahead of the golf ball.

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Dynamic 3- Load on the backswing

The wrists should cock on the backswing and become “fully loaded” before starting the downswing.

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Dynamic 4- Lag on the downswing

Just as you load the club on the backswing, you should lag the club on the downswing.

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Dynamic 5- A Straight Plane Line

Your club shaft should pass through the target line in the impact area.

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