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Bobby Clampett has created the most Transformational Approach to improving your golf game, known as Impact-Based® Teaching.  Improve your impact, improve your game, it’s really that simple!  Wherever you are located in the world, transform your golf game with Impact Zone® options for in-person training in Naples, FL, or for our state-of-the-art online lessons, golf schools and on-course playing instruction.


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Impact-Based® Teaching


Great players like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickleson, Tiger Woods and many more have one thing in common; great impact! None of their swings are the same. Arnold Palmer even once said, “Swing your own swing!’  So why is “style-based” instruction the predominant way golf is taught today?  Why do most golf instructors teach their preferred positions at address, top of the backswing and finish?  Is good looks more important than good golf?  Ask Jim Furyk, Bubba Watson, Bryson DeChambeau and Matt Wolfe if they should change their style of swing to meet the desires and style of most teachers today.  Golf is a game of “impact”, pure and simple.  The purpose of the swing is to create good impact.  Why? Because that’s what creates good shots!!!

Impact-Based® Teaching uses 5 Key Dynamics to vastly improve impact! Learn more about these 5 dynamics.

Dynamic 1: Flat Lead Wrist at Impact

The back of the hand, wrist and the forearm create or lie on a flat or straight plane at impact.

Dynamic 2: Four Inch Forward Swing Bottom

The club head should bottom out about 4 inches ahead of the golf ball.

Dynamic 3: Load On The Backswing

The wrists should cock on the backswing and become “fully loaded” before starting the downswing.

Dynamic 4: Lag On The Downswing

Just as you load the club on the backswing, you should lag the club on the downswing.

Dynamic 5: Straight Plane Line

Your club shaft should pass through the target line in the impact area.

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From the youngest of beginners to the skilled teenagers, we have every age group and skill level covered. We offer private lessons for junior golfers at our location in Naples, FL. We understand the proper development and progression for junior students and are your #1 choice for private junior lessons in the area.

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Technology is important to improving one's impact because through it one gets objective, measurable feedback to align feelings with reality. This bio feedback is critical to perfecting your impact. The technology inside our world headquarters gives you real data behind your improvement, making the lowering of your handicap easier than ever.


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