IMPACT SNAP and Clubhead Attachment Golf Training Aid

Impact Snap Clubhead Attachment Golf Training Aid


The IMPACT SNAP Clubhead Attachment imitates the look of a real club to promote a square and stable face at impact. Now you can better understand how the hands & wrists affect the clubface during a golf swing. Right handed compatible only.

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4-Time Golf Digest Award Winner – Best Full-Swing Training Aid

The IMPACT SNAP trains your hands & wrists how to move properly in the golf swing. Practicing with this training aid will teach you a correct, repeatable release, designed after Tiger Woods’ 1999 vintage ‘stinger’. Learn a motor skill pattern and compress the golf ball like a tour player.

Every golf lesson that 4-time teacher of the year, Marty Nowicki, gives to his students starts with impact. If you cannot stabilize the club when you hit the ball, you’re never going to have consistency in your golf game. Fix your impact, fix your golf swing and add more distance, more speed & more consistency with the IMPACT SNAP. Used by 22 of the top 100 instructors in the world!

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