Impact Snap Golf Training Aid


The IMPACT SNAP is a golf release training aid that trains the wrists, arms, and hands a correct, stable and repeatable release.

3-Time Golf Digest Award Winner – Best Full-Swing Training Aid

The IMPACT SNAP trains your hands & wrists how to move properly in the golf swing. Practicing with this training aid will teach you a correct, repeatable release, designed after Tiger Woods’ 1999 vintage ‘stinger’. Learn a muscle memory pattern and compress the golf ball like never before.




Bobby’s got a training aid for you that will help you achieve the NUMBER ONE most important thing you need to play better golf for the rest of your life.

It’s the Impact Snap, and it works in three simple, effective ways to help you improve impact. From chipping to full swing, this tool works to give you a proper feel for:

  • Dynamic #1 – Flat Lead Wrist
  • Dynamic #3 – Load on the Back Swing
  • Dynamic #4 – Lag on the Down Swing

Watch Bobby’s video for a detailed look… and, for a very limited time… purchase a Snap and get Bobby’s Clubhead Lag Digital Instruction System at no additional cost! These two tools pair perfectly together for achieving- and maintaining- perfect IMPACT in your golf swing.

Additional information

Weight13.4 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 46 in


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