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Marianna Clampett


Prior to co-founding Impact Zone Golf with Bobby in 2008, I had a 25-year career in the high-tech industry and was a member of the executive team of one of the world’s leading software companies.  Driven by a passion to help others become successful, I underwent extensive post-graduate training to become a certified executive coach and to be a part of the International Coaching Federation.  Besides having the opportunity to have coached many leaders and top talent in both Global 100 companies as well as small businesses, I have become a Certified HeartMath and Focus Band Coach.  Using my knowledge and experience working with top performers, I now coach our golfing students to help them be their best, both on and off the course.  When I am not coaching, you’ll find me overseeing strategy as well as the operations of the organization, making sure everyone has what they need to be the best in their role.

Student Testimonials

Billy McKinney

I’ve taught several IZG schools alongside Bobby, and can with a clear conscience say that every single student I’ve witnessed has dramatically improved the quality of his or her overall ball striking through this sharpshooter approach. I can unequivocally say that IZG has stood out above the rest as a solution for me to engage more students, and even recommend them books and DVD’s for them to study. 

Brent Bowen

Impact Zone Golf has simplified my approach to teaching, and allowed my students to improve their dynamic impact resulting in lower scores.  Working Impact Zone Golf schools and learning first-hand from Bobby has confirmed my passion for teaching, and motivated me to become recently certified in Teaching and Coaching (PGA Certified Professional program).  I would highly recommend Impact Zone training to young instructors, especially with all the style-based information available.

Tom Sopchak

Attending the Impact Zone school, I have seen immediate improvement in the most important aspect of golf: IMPACT.  The Impact Zone system is very simple to understand and learn compared to the “Style-Based” instruction everyone else is teaching in golf.  And you were even able to easily adapt Impact Zone to allow for my minor physical limitations as well.

Lex Tsaggaris

I just wanted to give you some feedback on how effective your school has been for me. When I came to the school, I was shooting between 85 and 90, after having been a single digit handicapper only a few years ago. I had lost my confidence and I was trying to return to fundamentals and find my game, without much success. It is now two months after I attended your Impact Zone Golf School. I have been working on what I learned pretty diligently. I cannot thank you all enough. I am telling all of my friends about your school.

Bill Smith

If you want to have a positive impact on your game, contact Bobby Clampett.  He is a natural teacher who knows how to praise and how to grade hard when necessary.  Bobby is worth every penny.

Don Ogilvie

My director of golf for over 20 years at north shore country club near Chicago is Tim O’Neal.  Tim told me that you had the best teaching video in golf.  I am 71 and a 7 handicap.  Got the video a few days ago.  Shot 78 second day.  Shot best of my career 69 today w nine birdie putts missed inside 9 ft. Hit 16 greens.  First time ever shooting my age. Thanks so Much!!! 

Shawn Schiffer

Only days after reading the Impact Zone, I broke 80 for the first time.  My handicap is already down to 10, the lowest it’s ever been, even after two hip replacement surgeries.  I just had to enroll in Bobby’s Signature Golf School. 

Phil Blanck

Bernard was great! He did a great assessment and gave me the drills to help me get into better positions and improve my swing. One of my best lessons and I have had a single digit handicap for over 50 years.

Dave Horton

My 12 year old son Kody studied at Impact Zone Golf Academy last summer. The sessions were 3 times a week, 3 hours at a day. His game improved greatly in just a few short months. His short game from 100 yards in showed the greatest improvement. Instead of simply trying to get on the green, Kody is now focusing on sticking it close. In addition, the putting analysis equipment at the indoor facility explained his putting flaws and how to improve. His stroke is now firm and confident.

Anthony Senagore

Bernard was clear, concise, and precise in explaining need adjustments to my swing. One of the best approaches to swing adjustments I have experienced

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