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Lloyd Johnson

Impact Zone® Lead Master Instructor II, PGA

Over the last 25 years, in an effort to become a truly professional instructor and coach, I have studied not only the various aspects of the game of golf but also the best ways to teach the game.  I believe the best way for me to accomplish my objective was to study with the best teachers in the business I began this process by devoting myself to the study of the golf swing working 10 years alongside Dr. Jim Suttie, who has been named as one of the best golf instructors in America.   Other influential teachers I have learned from include Mac O’Grady, Lynn Blake, George Kelinhoffer, Jim Flick and Todd Anderson.

I now have the privilege of learning from Bobby Clampett, as well as working alongside him as an Impact Zone Lead Master Instructor, in his ‘Impact-based’® teaching, which has been a revolution in the teaching industry.  Impact-based teaching gets at the core of what is happening at impact and making adjustments that directly improve impact and yield great results for students.

I have incorporated into my teaching the best that each of my teachers had to offer, by way of insights into the game and methods of teaching. I have also adopted the most up-to-date electronic teaching aids into my programs. The ability to actually see the changes that can be made, in the various aspects of their swing and impact, allows my students to more effectively work on the changes.  Those changes will improve their game and by doing so increase their pleasure and appreciation for the sport.

I believe the lessons learned, through working with some of the greatest teachers of the game, coupled with modern technology, have given me the ability to help EVERY golfer.  Whether you’re a beginner or a touring professional, I have no doubt that I can make you a better golfer.

Student Testimonials

John B.

My current handicap index is 5.9. I’ve been playing golf for 35 years now. Before I met Bobby, my handicap would fluctuate. Between a 7 and 11 every year. I’ve had many lessons in my life. And some people have helped me more than others. A few months ago before I had my first lesson with Bobby, my handicap was. 9.4. In my first lesson, Bobby identified a change I needed to make. Worked on my hips and my weight transfer. Those 2 things put me in a lot of good places. And made me a lot better ball striker. A few weeks later, I had the most birdies in around I’ve ever had, which was 8. My previous Best was 5. That was also the lowest round of my life, which was a 66! My previous low before that was. 71 a long time ago. I’ve only had one lesson but I want more!


I started coming here as an ex high school player who now shoots from 84-87.. after completing a 10 lesson package with HARRY and now I consistently break 80!!! The time and effort that was put in by HARRY is unmatched.. I have gone to other coaches before HARRY and none of them compare to him!! He put in effort and actually cared about the improvement in my game was amazing.. From giving me equipment to use at home and working around my crazy schedule to fit in the lessons with me. I would recommend coming here to anyone from a scratch golfer to a 50 handicapt.. he will 100% improve your game and make everything seem so simple

Matt M.

I have been working with Bernard for a few months now. I can in with a “26” handicap that included a breakfast ball, 2 mulligans, and the other “I’m just playing for fun” excuses.

I have spent this time developing not just a proper swing but my understanding of how to play the game. Not only am I’m playing FAR better than I thought possible but Bernard has been able to tailor my training to my learning style.

I finally have a proper grasp of not just how I should swing but how to evaluate my swing each and every time and make the adjustments I need. Not only am I playing better but the confidence I have in my own ability has made an IMMENSE impact on my enjoyment of the game.

I can’t recommend Bernard and his team enough. Worth. Very. Penny.

Marc F.

Bernard is the best coach I have ever had, gave up on lessons until I found Bernard and impact zone.
He has taken my game to a new level

Bob G.

Best training experience I’ve ever had. Knowledgeable staff and excellent facility. Highly recommend if you’re wanting to improve your game.

Cathy W.

Just started with Bernie but love him already. Succinct, patient, great body movement drills and if I’m not getting the move he wants me to do, he’ll figure out another way to get me there. Really feel that he cares about my progression and wants me to succeed – a quality that is hard to find.

Joe V.

Excellent assessment! I’ve had quite a few lessons in the past, none as valuable as this. Would highly recommend!

Joe Crone

Excellent instructor (Lloyd), took his time with me and explained everything so that I could clearly understand the changes I need to make and what to work on

Craig Maser

I’m only 5 lessons completed of a 10 lesson package and the experience has been excellent! I’ve been swinging a golf club off and on for 40+ years and finally decided that I wanted to learn the right way to play so I can eventually lower my scores and have more enjoyment on the course. I’m already hitting the ball on target much more consistently! My coach, Bernard Sheridan, has a nice approach with his training process. I now practice several times each week and am seeing the benefits.

Ron S.

Lloyd provides a very detailed understanding of what needs to be worked on

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Bobby Clampett

Founder, CEO, PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction

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