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Lloyd Johnson

Impact Zone® Lead Master Instructor

Over the last 25 years, in an effort to become a truly professional instructor and coach, I have studied not only the various aspects of the game of golf but also the best ways to teach the game.  I believe the best way for me to accomplish my objective was to study with the best teachers in the business I began this process by devoting myself to the study of the golf swing working 10 years alongside Dr. Jim Suttie, who has been named as one of the best golf instructors in America.   Other influential teachers I have learned from include Mac O’Grady, Lynn Blake, George Kelinhoffer, Jim Flick and Todd Anderson.

I now have the privilege of learning from Bobby Clampett, as well as working alongside him as an Impact Zone Lead Master Instructor, in his ‘Impact-based’® teaching, which has been a revolution in the teaching industry.  Impact-based teaching gets at the core of what is happening at impact and making adjustments that directly improve impact and yield great results for students.

I have incorporated into my teaching the best that each of my teachers had to offer, by way of insights into the game and methods of teaching. I have also adopted the most up-to-date electronic teaching aids into my programs. The ability to actually see the changes that can be made, in the various aspects of their swing and impact, allows my students to more effectively work on the changes.  Those changes will improve their game and by doing so increase their pleasure and appreciation for the sport.

I believe the lessons learned, through working with some of the greatest teachers of the game, coupled with modern technology, have given me the ability to help EVERY golfer.  Whether you’re a beginner or a touring professional, I have no doubt that I can make you a better golfer.

Student Testimonials


Just a brief note to thank you once again for an unbelievable coaching – student experience with you. You have inspired me to take my game to the next level and for that I am grateful. I appreciate you setting me up with the building blocks for success.

Jim Morgan

Being a person who has difficulty with the abstract, I was lucky enough to find Dennis Clark as a golf teacher. How often have you been told to” hit through the ball”, whatever that means or something like that which you don’t understand? When Dennis says “You are flipping your wrists ” and then shows you with slo-mo video what that means, you instantly get it ,especially when he puts your video up against a professional golfer and you can see exactly the what ,the when and the where. This is the only way to get golf instruction that is useful and gets results. You will always get a reminder video after your lesson that hits the high points of your lesson. Not cheap ,but worth every cent.The only golf lessons I will ever take in the future will be video lessons.

Terry Byrne

Had a lesson with Dennis Clark at this beautiful facility. Very much looking forward to playing the course after my next lesson. Dennis is a fantastic teacher. Patient, easily understandable and just a delight to work with.

Karen Delmonaco

Dennis Clark is an amazing teacher! His knowledge and ability to help me be successful is amazing. He has helped me so much mentally as well as improving my swing. I cannot say enough great things about him and the lessons my husband and I have had!

Janice Byers

I have been taking lessons with Dennis Clark for several years. He has taken my game to a much higher level. Like all golfers there are times that I regressed, and Dennis is able to instantly get me back on track. I am also grateful to have my stash of lesson videos that I refer to often, and find extremely helpful. Dennis Clark is the best golf instructor that I have ever had! Hands down!

Laura Strosnider

I’m a new golfer only playing for a little over 2 years and have been working with Dennis Clark. I started with him last year. He is the BEST. I get immediate feedback and he follows up with videos and drills on what to work on.

John Pelling

Dennis Clark is an amazing teaching instructor. I am a long time single digit player struggling with “the shank”. This devastating shot comes out of nowhere and rears its ugly head generally at the worst of times. Dennis identified my issue on the first swing and went on to correct my swing flaw. I’ve utilized instruction from top golf professionals nation wide. No professional instructors compare to Dennis Clark. His status of Master PGA Professional is well deserved.

Paul R

My game is really looking up! I shot a 79 yesterday! I was only 1 over on the front nine! Things are really starting to click for me! Thank you!

John K

Thx for all your help. I won our club championship at The Sanctuary two weeks ago. Never expected that but played well against our top players and proved in match play anything can happen! I really appreciate your help along the way. 

Thomas E. Parent, MD

I have completely rebuild my golf swing with Dennis Clark. I have never made as much progress in such a short time as with Dennis. You will be lucky to have him as your Instructor.

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Bobby Clampett

Founder, CEO, PGA Master Professional, Director of Instruction

Colton Kenagy

Impact Zone® Staff Instructor & Director of Juniors Golf

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