Impact Based® Teaching is different, a real departure from the traditional “style-based” teaching methods

After a first lesson, I often get asked, “Bobby, where do I go from here?  I want to get better.”

The answer to this question lies in the desire and commitment level of the student.  Golf plays a different priority role in the lives of golfers.  Some just want to have fun; getting better is not worth the investment nor the effort. 

Others are like Tiger, thirsting for everything they can get, and wanting to see how much they can improve.  They like the objective and measurable standards that Impact-Based® Teaching provides.  They love the biofeedback that IZG technologies offer, and the improvement they see motivates them to continue to get better.  They want to read everything, see everything, learn everything, and take lessons to get better.  Golfers who experience Impact-Based® learning lie somewhere in between these two extremes.  

Golf improvement is divided into two areas: Education and Training. For Education, IZG has created an in-depth Self-Study model to educate the student on what proper Impact is on all shots and how to achieve it. For Training, new patterns are the work of the student under the watchful eye of the instructor. Training needs the instructor’s repetitive, ongoing support to see that the necessary changes take place correctly and imbed into new habit patterns. 

Below are the possibilities for improving your game through Impact-based® Teaching.

Education (Self-Study)

Impact Zone Golf offers several opportunities for self-learning, which Bobby believes is vital for students to gain a deeper understanding of what proper Impact is on all shots and how to achieve it. The more the student can learn on their own, the more complete the lesson experience will be. It’s like having completed the assigned reading before a college class; the student can quickly assimilate the information during actual class-time with the professor.

Bobby’s first book, The Impact Zone, hit the bookshelves in April 2007. Bobby has been busy growing a library of self-learning tools, designed to educate the golfer who desires to improve their game by improving their Impact. 

These tools help the golfer who is sincere and dedicated to improving their game. Bobby has recently reformulated many of these materials into new books and manuals for the amateur golfer and online learning for instructors desiring certification in Impact-Based® Teaching. Impact-based® Teaching is a recognized program for PGA and LPGA teaching professionals, helping to fulfill their continuing education requirements. It also is a recognized platform within all formal instructional education with the PGA, qualifying for MSR, CPP, and PGM Specializing in Teaching programs within the PGA.

If you are a student who likes to learn, Bobby recommends following this sequence in learning:

Step 1:  Read “The Impact Zone.” You can get a copy from Bobby, at either Impact Zone Golf Academy or on Amazon. Autographed copies are available at Impact Zone Golf Store.

Step 2:  Subscribe to the Impact Zone Golf® Digital Academy

A one-year subscription gives you access to everything Bobby has put together in video form. The subscription includes 11 volume Impact Zone Golf® Training System to his over 240 Clampett’s Corners (answers to Students Questions), Drills, and even an Exclusive Video collection.

Step 2a:  Read Bobby’s “Impact Zone® Companion Guide Expanded Edition,” published in May 2020. Designed to be a companion of the Digital Academy or a stand-alone book, Bobby goes into further depth of learning of the material covered in the Digital Academy.

For teaching professionals

Become an Impact Zone Golf® Certified Instructor. Advanced Level 1 Certification begins with reading “The Impact Zone,” then subscribe to the online certification. Soon Advanced Level 2 will be available as it is in development.

Completing step 1 will add to the lesson learning significantly, but when you add steps two and 2a, the door to understanding opens. Get the most out of your Impact Based® learning and lessons. Follow this simple plan to game improvement that lasts a lifetime!

Training and Coaching

Bobby and all of the IZG Academy Trained Certified Instructors in Florida, provide similar coaching opportunities from single lessons and ten lesson packages more intensive coaching through 3-month, six-month or annual programs. The individual golf lesson and ten packs are directed more to the student who wants to control the number of experiences and the pace of learning themselves. Lessons are more sporadic, but improvement will take place.  

The more popular and geared to higher improvement levels are coaching programs where lessons are more intensive, consistent, and comprehensive, including every aspect of the game. Statistics show that students who have a regular time of lessons and practice improve the most. 

We designed the coaching programs to fit a golfers’ lifestyle with all of IZG’s technologies, time on the course, and both in-person and remote coaching lessons. No matter where you live in the world, a coaching program can be designed for you that fits your life.

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