Range to Course – Clampett’s Corner

Range to Course

Struggling to take your golf game from range to course? In this edition of Clampett’s Corner, Bobby explains how you can achieve the transition.  He tells you that hitting 50 shots with a 7-iron on the range won’t cut it.  He’ll share how many of the same type of shots you should hit in a row.  He breaks down why you should practice like you’re playing, and how it all translates into a remapping of the brain.  With it, comes a renewed sense of purpose on the range, as opposed to simple repetition.

If you are struggling to increase both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your clubhead lag, you will discover something special in this newly released video. Bobby Clampett, commonly referred to as the “King of Lag”, is proud to present Impact Zone Golf’s Clubhead Lag Program.

Bobby Clampett is a Champions Tour Player, PGA Tour winner, Golf Broadcaster and Master Professional of instruction with the PGA of America.

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