Making the Right Choice this Summer for your Aspiring Collegiate Golfer

So your junior wants to play college golf? Why your summer camp choice for development is key!

Let’s face it. Not all summer golf camps are the same. Most golf camps are designed for junior golfers who are beginners and intermediate players. At Impact Zone Golf, we offer 1/2 day and full day camps all summer long for those players, designed to develop the skills and love of the game. But what about when it comes to the young golfer who already is showing great promise, shooting great scores and has their sights set on playing golf in college?

There are many resources available to parents and juniors about what it takes to get ready and get noticed for college golf. I’m going to touch just one of the really important things you will need to do as a junior player. Tournaments!!! Play tournaments sooner than later, play many tournaments, pick the right tournaments and score well. And when you don’t score well, how to do you make lemonade out of that lemon round of golf? In the upcoming Competitive Edge camp I am hosting, I’m going to not only help you refine your impact so you have the best possible ball striking and distance, but that you know how to prepare for a tournament, learn how to play in various weather and course conditions, how to develop a strategy for the course you are playing, when to choose one shot over another, manage your attitude and emotions, and finding what your ‘B’-game is when your ‘A’-game doesn’t show up…. just to name a few things.

Why come to my camp verses many other choices you may have? Because I will be working with you personally and I just happen to know a little about being a successful junior golfer and stand-out college athlete. During my own collegiate career, I was a 2 time Haskins Award winner as a 2 time NCAA Player of the Year, along with becoming the #1 Amateur in the world my last year of college. I came to college as a 17 year-old, on a full college scholarship at BYU, but still had to earn my spot to play on the traveling team (yes – that’s a thing – a team within a team) against 24 year-old men coming back to finish their last years of college after being away on their Mission Trip. I was shorter than them, less-muscled than them and even had no hair on my face yet to shave. Yet, at a sopping wet 135 lbs, I outscored and outplayed them during our qualifying rounds year after year, ensuring my place as the leader on this team the 3 years I was there. Yes, I left before my senior year as I was able to turn pro and begin my career on the PGA Tour at age 20. What I am going to be able to give to you is what I learned during my high school, collegiate and professional playing careers but also what I’ve learned by watching the top players in the game, year after year, during my golf broadcasting career.

So, if you are thinking of playing college golf, check your schedule for July 28-August 1. Unless you are playing in a nationally ranked tournament that week, you are going to want to join me in Florida at our Impact Zone Golf Academy at the Club at Renaissance, We’re going to have fun but most importantly, you are going to learn to compete, score and win. And when you don’t win, how to still pull off a class-act round.

Junior Testimonials

Ellie B

I am so happy I invested time to do this! I am a Junior Golfer, with two Junior World Runner-Up titles including two Jr World Tournament Low rounds. As a Freshman in the fall of 2019 I won the NorCal High School championship and low round record holder. I have had significant coaching and this season has been the most amazing to date.

Dave Horton

My 12 year old son Kody studied at Impact Zone Golf Academy last summer. The sessions were 3 times a week, 3 hours at a day. His game improved greatly in just a few short months. His short game from 100 yards in showed the greatest improvement. Instead of simply trying to get on the green, Kody is now focusing on sticking it close. In addition, the putting analysis equipment at the indoor facility explained his putting flaws and how to improve. His stroke is now firm and confident.

Stan Stanberry

This PGA junior overnight camp was truly a fantastic experience- Bobby and his staff did an A+ job of working with 15-16 year olds on every thing golf that you could fit in.

Leo Zappa

Bernard Sheridan works very well with my son and his game has really improved as a result of Bernards’ instruction.

Tricia Lepore

Everyone at Impact is fantastic and very helpful. We are extremely happy with the lessons for our children. They learnt a great deal in one lesson. Thank you so much!!

William Diveley

Colton was amazing with my six year old. Communicates with him so he really understands.

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