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Warning: Stop Wasting Time & Money Trying to Make Your Swing Look Pretty and…

Discover The 5 Keys to Creating Dynamic Impact…
The Only Thing That Really Matters in Playing Better Golf!

No matter your experience, handicap or skill level, you can develop quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately. Watch this game changing video to find out how…

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The Complete IMPACT ZONE™ Training System

Bobby Clampett’s revolutionary video training system, based on his best-selling instructional book, The IMPACT ZONE

  • Volume 1

    The 5 Dynamics

    Bobby gives a personal demonstration of his revolutionary IMPACT-BASED™ teaching and The 5 Dynamics that are essential to becoming a great ballstriker.

    Impact Zone Volume 1 The 5 Dynamics
  • Volume 2


    Work “one-on-one” with Bobby as he guides you through the drills and secrets that will help you master The 5 Dynamics.

    Impact Zone Volume 2 One-on-One
  • Volume 3

    The CLINIC

    Become part of the clinic as Bobby teaches and a group of amateurs to show how easy it is to improve your impact through The 5 Dynamics. You’ll learn a powerful drill that can quickly improve your ball-striking.

    Impact Zone Volume 3 The Clinic
  • Volume 4

    Four Steps to Dynamic Impact

    Bobby walks you through 4 sequential steps helping you create a consistent and powerful dynamic impact. and get into your zone with IMPACT-BASED™ teaching dynamics.

    Impact Zone Volume 4 Four Steps to Dynamic Impact

The Problem with Traditional Teachings & Methods:
They’re All Based on Style

With so many contradictory theories, it’s no wonder that so many golfers are quitting the game. They’re confused as to which style or method is better, or which one is right for them. But when you watch the best players in the world, one thing becomes very clear: even though swing styles vary greatly, what they create at impact is virtually the same.

Most traditional teaching methods don’t include any concept of what impact really is.

Impact is the moment of truth, and it’s the only thing that really matters in playing better golf.

The Impact Zone™ training system is a unique instructional guide that teaches sound swing dynamics... not swing style. The system will help you understand what proper impact is, and how you can achieve it, regardless of your swing style when you use Bobby’s Five-Dynamic System.

Golfer Impact Zones

This program takes an unprecedented look at the most important six inches in golf, those that immediately precede, contain, and follow impact.

Stop fiddling around with what your swing “looks” like. The golf ball doesn’t care if your follow-through is ugly or if your backswing is awkward. The golf ball doesn’t care if your swing is pretty.

It never has. Just ask Gary Player and Jim Furyk and just about every PGA Touring Pro who has ever played. The only thing that matters to the golf ball is what happens when your club face slams into it. That’s impact. That critical split second that will determine if you’re hitting the fairway or the bunker. Impact is what separates eagles from double-bogeys. What happens at impact can drop your ball right next to the pin, or right next to the nearest tree.

When it comes to ball-striking, nothing else matters. Impact is the only thing that separates good shots from bad shots. And there is absolutely no better way to improve your impact than with The Impact Zone™ Training System by PGA Tour veteran Bobby Clampett.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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    $100 Impact Zone Golf School Gift Certificate

    $100 Impact Zone Golf School Gift Certificate

    You’ll get a $100 towards any of Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf Schools. Train live with Bobby, work on every aspect of your game and develop the perfect impact! $100 Value

Proof Positive Bobby Clampett’s Methods Work!

  • “Great visual - so easy to understand”

    “The DVDs are so easy to understand and gave me a great visual of how I should be hitting the ball. For those who can dedicate a few minutes a day towards your learning concepts, I guarantee they will greatly improve their game and begin to enjoy the process of learning on a daily basis!”

    – John Kuczeski

  • “It is all about IMPACT!”

    “It is amazing to me how many perfect swing theories and systems are being taught today when it is all about IMPACT! Ben Hogan said it, Jack Nicklaus said it, Lee Trevino said it, Tom Watson said it and Bobby Clampett EXPLAINED it”

    – Lee Martin

  • “So simple it’s hard to believe”

    “The impact zone is almost so simple it’s hard to believe that you can make as much improvement in a short amount of time focusing on just five things.”

    – Eileen Schloss

  • “What a huge difference! I’m pumped!”

    “Wow! Thanks so much for the DVDs – what a huge difference! I can actually hear the ball compress and I’m hitting my driver at least another 25 plus yards. I’m making solid contact on fairway woods which I used to top. I’m pumped! Since using the flat wrist principle my shot consistency is amazing!”

    – Lee Bailey

  • “Best lesson I’ve had and cost 10 times less!”

    “I just received the DVD 4 disc set and watched all 4 DVD’s. After watching, I immediately went outside and did the tic-tac-toe drill in the snow as it is February. I then placed a ball down in the snow and swung away… Amazed at how much of a difference I saw in just 5 minutes. With no traction keep in mind, I hit my 8 iron as far as what looked to be my normal 6 iron. I can’t wait until spring comes around when I can really tackle the drills and see what I can do. I already know this will be a success. Best lesson I have had and cost about 10 times less!”

    – Bryant Piper

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So What Are You Waiting For?

Stop wasting your money on lessons that make your swing “look” pretty and start learning how to make your swing “perform” well. Get The IMPACT ZONE from Bobby Clampett and unlock your true golf potential.

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Impact Zone Training System DVD and Digital Set

The Impact Zone Training System

You’ll receive all 4 DVDs in Bobby’s Impact Zone Training System, shipped directly to your door:

  • Volume 1: The 5 Dynamics
  • Volume 2: One on One
  • Volume 3: The Clinic
  • Volume 4: Four Steps to Dynamic Impact
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Here’s What the Pros are Saying about
The Impact Zone™ Training System…

  • Peter Jacobson, Champions Tour Player & Broadcaster

    “Simple and pretty amazing to watch Bobby…”

    “Whenever I do clinics with Bobby he talks to the amateurs about making good practice swings. Because what is a golf swing, if not just a practice swing with the golf ball getting in the way? Whenever we’ve played golf together or done clinics it’s pretty simple and it’s pretty amazing to watch him just make divot swings. Then he hits a shot and puts a ball in front of it and it’s the same beautiful swing – and the ball reacts accordingly.”

    – Peter Jacobson, Champions Tour Player & Broadcaster

  • Brad Bryant, Champions Tour Player

    “This is the secret to hitting a golf ball”

    “The impact position and the impact that you have on the golf ball is definitely the most important thing. All of the rest of the golf swing is to just getting you to that impact position. So if you get that proper impact position, you don’t have to swing very hard. That’s why us old fat guys can hit the ball so far is because we get everything into it. That’s the secret to hitting a golf ball is to create that impact position.”

    – Brad Bryant, Champions Tour Player

  • Fred Funk, Champions Tour Player

    “Great swings work on that area at the bottom of the swing”

    “You can’t teach a Freddie Couples swing. You would never teach a Raymond Floyd Swing. You wouldn’t want to teach an Arnold Palmer swing fundamentally. But they all work on that area at the bottom of the swing.”

    – Fred Funk, Champions Tour Player

  • Jay Haas, Champions Tour Player

    “The impact position is a constant of the best players in the world”

    “All the best players get into a great impact position. They do it many different ways. Many different backswings, many different heights, planes are different; but the impact position is a constant of the best players in the world.”

    – Jay Haas, Champions Tour Player

  • Loren Roberts, Champions Tour Player

    “Bobby’s come up with the basics of how to create a good, solid, clean golf shot with consistency.”

    – Loren Roberts, Champions Tour Player

Yes! I'm Ready to Transform My Game!

Important to Note: While we do believe and have seen proof that the materials we provide and the products we promote can safely improve the golf games of our subscribers, please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results. The system requires effort and proper use to achieve optimal results. We therefore do not take responsibility for injuries, handicap increases, game losses or any other “less than ideal” impact on you or your game.