The Fastest Way to Lower Scores This Year Happens March 4th


Everyone likes to beat drivers on the range, but the Tour pros spend 80% of their practice time on their short games because that’s where tournaments are won and lost.

In this one-off event, you’ll learn the secrets of a great short game, taught by a tour player who was noted for his. If you want to make the fastest and largest drop in your scoring, you are going to want to come to this 1-day intensive school, taught by Bobby Clampett, with guest coach, Marty Nowicki and the IZG Academy staff.

Eradicate these score-killing maladies once and for all:

  • Three putts
  • Missed 3 footers
  • Chili dips
  • Skulls
  • Shanks
  • Chunks
  • And Adolph’s (Tour slang for 2 shots in a bunker)

You’ll learn:

  • Putting – using Aimpoint, a revolutionary Emmy-winning technology for reading slope, grain, breaks, speed control, approach shot strategies
  • How solid Impact is key to great chipping, pitching and putting
  • Distance control – essential to being a good iron and wedge player
  • How to read a lie and know how the club is going to interact with the ground
  • Chipping and pitching, including the flop shot
  • Mastering various bunker shots
  • Shot and club selection for lie, distance, conditions

Cut shots from every round with ease and lower your handicap fast!

The Scoring/Short Game school will be held from 8am – 1pm on Sunday March 4th, at Bobby Clampett’s Impact Zone Golf Academy at the Tiburón Golf Club at the Ritz-Carlton, Naples, FL.

*We are pleased to be able to offer an Impact Zone Golf corporate rate at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort for those wishing to stay on property.


Or call now: 239-236-5536

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