Clubhead Lag
19 March, 2015 by Bobby Clampett

Clubhead Lag – Quality

The Secret to Better Golf

Clubhead lag is the secret to playing like the Touring Pros.  So how do you achieve it? Here, PGA Tour winner and Champions Tour player Bobby Clampett explains.

Bobby is the founder of Impact Zone Golf and the discoverer of the revolutionary Impact-Based® teaching. Better lag is one of the 5 dynamics of the IZG® philosophy.

If you are struggling to increase both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your lag, you will discover something special in this newly released video. Bobby Clampett, commonly referred to as the “King of Lag”, is proud to present Impact Zone Golf’s Clubhead Lag Program.

Impact Zone Training System DVD and Digital Set

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    1. Hi Mike,

      We would definitely encourage you to purchase the DVDs, but it does depend a lot on how you learn. There are definitely differences between the two. In fact, the reason Bobby produced the DVDs in the first place was because people who had read the book were asking to see these concepts on screen. The book goes into great detail on each concept, but for many, it is hard to fully grasp each of the Five Dynamics without seeing them in action. Hope that helps. The companion DVDs: Clubhead Lag, High-Speed Training System, and The Driver- are definitely great additions to the book. Thanks! The Impact Zone Golf Team

    1. Hi Jim,

      The Lag DVD is a companion to the 4-disc set, not included. There are three companion DVDs: Lag, High-Speed and The Driver. If you go to impactzonegolf.com and click on Shop from the top menu, you can see all of the products we offer. Thank you! – The Impact Zone Golf Team

  1. I am going to receive my ordered
    dvd’s today.
    Will the package contain your most
    recent information on the lag or is the dvd referred to, additional

    1. I just received my dvd package of
      your complete impact zone system. Is the LAG dvd mentioned a newer dvd with additional information?

      1. Hi Grant, the Lag DVD is a companion to the 4-disc set. There are three companion DVDs: Lag, High-Speed and The Driver. If you go to impactzonegolf.com and click on Shop from the top menu, you can see all of the products we offer. Thank you! – The Impact Zone Golf Team

  2. Bobby, I am a 4 hdcper and have played golf for 50 + years. Believe it or not, I have even studied Homer Kelly’s book, The Golfing Machine. I have a little lag in my swing but I am plagued with a straight push or a push-fade. It’s hard to turn the ball over with my left hand so far in front of the ball at impact. Suggestions on how to fix the problem?

    Thanks in advance,
    Glen Kirk

  3. On the golf channel you said these tips were free, or are you just another snake oil salesmen(LIER)? Waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Wayne! The ad on the golf channel is for the Secret Six, which you probably signed up for at secretsixtips.com – and yes, those videos, which come right to your inbox, are free. This video, about Quality Lag, is also free. Our Clubhead Lag DVD, which we had professionally shot and produced, is indeed a paid product. It is entirely up to you whether you purchase it. If you do or if you don’t, we’ll continue to send you Bobby’s free video tips, with an occasional email promoting one of our paid products. If you don’t want to receive any emails from us, simply click the unsubscribe button on one of those emails, and you won’t hear from us again. But we sure hope you’ll stick around, because we truly believe in Impact-Based® teaching and what it is doing for golfers all over the world! Hope this helps. Thank you- The Impact Zone Golf Team

  4. I was told that i’m spinning my hips out…is it possible to open the hips too much on the downswing and what is the timing of the hips

  5. aiming butt of grip at ball or aiming to hit ball at seven o clock will give you all the lag you need you have two tenths of a second in down swing fact. how many things can you think of one at best. as long as your wrist act as free hinge and your on top of ball you will flush it .

  6. Bobby, I had a question about the address position. Why is the left wrist not flat on a full swing address position like it is on a chip, or pitch? Thanks

  7. Sad to hear Ben Doyle passed.Back in 90s had lesson w him at Quail Valley in Carmel Extrodinary Sustain the lagg

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