Great Pitching

The short game is critical to better golf.  So many shots can be wasted with improper decisions and execution when approaching the green.  In this video, Bobby explains and runs through how to manage your short game better.  It’s all about trajectory and spin.  It’s the way you’ll learn how to achieve great pitching prowess from here on out.  It will assist you in knowing when to apply more or less loft, and how to attain backspin so your ball doesn’t run through the green.  And it will help you shave serious strokes off your game.  Time to head to Clampett’s Corner for the tips you need to make, and the confidence you’ll soon have when attacking the green.  Let’s go pitching, shall we?

Great pitching can be achieved. In this video, Bobby Clampett explains how to take your golf game to the next level with Impact Based Teaching. Bobby Clampett is a renowned PGA Tour player, Champions Tour player, golf instructor and commentator, and he has made a radical discovery in the world of golf instruction.

Find out how you can discover the 5 keys to creating Dynamic Impact…the only thing that really matters in playing better golf! No matter your experience, handicap, or skill level, you can develop quality impact on each swing, and become a better ball striker immediately. Watch this game-changing video to find out how… Impact Zone Training System.

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