1. I tried it twice & couldn’t hear the voice.
    & got nothing out of it.
    I’m signed up for a two day school (
    (Over $1200.)
    I hope it’s BETTER

    1. Hi Zane, thank you for your comment. We are sorry you’re having trouble hearing the video. We’ve checked everything on our end and can’t seem to find any issue. The sound comes through just fine on our end, so we’re not sure what the trouble might be! Feel free to call us at 239-236-5536 and we may be able to walk you through it.
      -the IZG Team

  2. I have previously looked at the DST Compressor and it looks illogical to me. It artificially creates lag in the downswing when you are not lagging the club.

    On the other hand, if the clubshaft was bent forward, it would force you to create lag in the downswing.

    I had previously bought the Tourstriker. I found that the Tourstiker can be cheated, with a short backswing, exaggerated downward hit, and no lag. In fact, the Tourstriker intuitively promotes that kind of swing in the ordinary player. On the other hand, if you already have a good swing with a lot of lag, the Toursriker will be easy to hit.

  3. I need greater detail in how to create the lag. I would very much appreciate it
    if you could explain it and give me the tools to make it happen.

  4. Why does Bobby’s club shafts have a ‘bow’ in them as seen in the lag video online? By the way the volume that this video was r ecorded is significantly less than your other videos.

  5. There have been audio problems (no audio) for about a week in the videos from IZG. It used to be OK before, but now, with so many people reporting problems, it seems the trouble is at your end.

    I have even tried saving the videos with a dedicated app, then playing them in VLC Media Player. VLC shows that there is no audio stream.

  6. Bobby, I’m struggling a little with figuring out just the correct distance l should be standing from the ball at set up. Too close and I either hit it fat or the club toes in and a slice results…to far away and I hit it then or I pull it. What’s the best way to find that happy medium for the perfect distance to stand from the ball at address.
    Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  7. The audio in this particular video is of poor quality. Like several other comments, I had to turn the volume WAY up to barely hear the audio. The other videos that have been featured on Clampett’s Corner have been good with no audio “issues”.

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