Maybe If You’d Listen to Your Mother… (A Lesson on Golf Posture)

What if I said that every time Mom yelled at you for slouching at the dinner table that she was actually looking out for your backswing and not just your table manners? Don’t worry, I’m not about to remind you to go clean your room next, but I might just guilt you into doing some homework that would make mother dearest (and your instructor/trainer) proud.  For now, we talk about golf posture.

Golf Posture

Maintaining good posture throughout your day may not only make you look and feel better, but when talking about achieving an athletic posture throughout your swing, having postural muscles that are stronger and firing more efficiently can greatly effect rotation, power, and consistency of impact. By setting a strong spine angle from your neck to your pelvis, your shoulders can naturally rotate faster, smoother, and with a greater range of motion. Your golf posture and the results in your game are very much connected.

Try for yourself. In a “slouching” posture with shoulders forward, see how far and how easily you can achieve a full shoulder rotation into your backswing. Now, drawing shoulders back, chest out and tipping your belt buckle down towards the ball, make the same backswing and compare the range of motion and level of comfort to your previous slouching swing. The difference should be considerable.

Increased occurrences of firing any muscles will begin to strengthen synapses between brain and muscle, as well as help increase overall proprioceptive awareness of the muscle. So how do we begin our breakthrough of reminding ourselves of daily posture adjustments? It could be as easy as changing your text/ringtone as a reminder to check your posture whenever you hear your new tone . Maybe even set something small in your car to remind you on your morning commute to work to start your day being alert and aware of your body. The breakthrough doesn’t have to necessarily be dedicating an hour a day on the rowing machine or doing reverse flys and back extensions four days a week, in fact, I encourage you to begin with just becoming more mindful during your day. Look proud!

Now would be the appropriate time to call Mom and say thank you and you love her for caring about you creating better impact.

That being said, I’d like to take this time to say, ” Happy birthday, Mom. Thanks for being both the life and postural support I always needed. Love you!”

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