27 April, 2016 by Bobby Clampett

Divots: Learning to Read Them for a Changed Game

Divots: The Secret’s in the Dirt

Bill from Nebraska has a great question about his divots: why are they all left, but yet he is hitting his irons straight? Ben Hogan once said, “the secret is in the dirt,” and Bobby explains just what he meant- and how to transform your game with the power of reading divots!

New DVDs Coming Soon!

And by the way, did you catch Bobby’s mention of his “two latest DVDs?” That’s right, we’ve got two additions to our instructional DVD collection that will knock your socks off! After feedback from all of you, Bobby has filmed two very important additions to the Advanced Series. They’re coming very very soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. Bobby I have never hit divots and have been golfing for13 years now. No matter what I do I cannot bring myself to hit one. It may be from my upbringing in that we were not permitted to destroy our lawns. Is there something I can do to overcome this problem. I would have bought your DVD’s but the cost of currency conversion just doesn’t permit it at this time. I really love you your training method and watch them over and over again.
    Thanks Brian in Canada

  2. Excellent class on divot evaluation. Bobby, you have an amazing ability to communicate the basic and advanced skills needed to improve our handicaps. Love you system and am practicing diligently to improve my game. Keep up the good work.

  3. When I miss my iron/
    Or rescue club shot its usually fat a few inches behind the ball. Im told, my swing path to steep, or not rotating my body, or dropping my right shoulder? Or all of the above?

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