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04 April, 2017 by Bobby Clampett

Grip Pressure

Grip Pressure

There is a common mistake among amateurs when it comes to grip pressure… the firmer their hold, the more control they think they’ll have over their shot. The opposite is actually true. In fact, in today’s video I’ll explain just how light your grip should really be… and even give you a little exercise to try when holding your club. This can really make a huge difference in your dynamics, including lag and load! Watch the video below.

By the way…

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  1. So… thinking that grip pressure might necessarily differ (increase) from club to club moving from shorter shafted wedges to irons, rescues, fairway woods, and drivers I now think that manufacturers make clubs so that grip pressure will be similar, or possibly less (!!!), moving from wedges to drivers!

    Very big surprise that the longer clubs might require similar, or perhaps even less, grip pressure than the shorter ones!

  2. I’m 70 and started playing 58 years. Last week I tried a very loose grip. I hit the ball in the sweet spot and felt the weight of the club for really the first time. Now I can feel my wrist cock. Never too late!!

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