I Love My Job!

I love my new job! Since committing to launching Impact Zone Golf’s World Headquarters in Naples in November of 2014 and deciding to focus on our Instruction Business, it’s been an amazing journey.  I’ve never worked this hard in my life!  Nor has my wife, Marianna.  Putting together a business of this magnitude causes us to continually go back to the “why”?  The answer is resoundingly clear, the game needs “Impact Based Instruction”.  With about 4 million golfers quitting the game in the United States every year and now an over 25% reduction in the number of golfers in the U.S. from 15 years ago, the game of golf has been declining and according to forecasters, the future is bleak.

In my opinion, the leading cause of golfers quitting is DISAPPOINTMENT and FRUSTRATION with their games.  Overall, the current standard of golf instruction has failed miserably.  And as a result, there is the fewest number of golfers that take golf lessons anymore.  Why should they? It hasn’t helped them in the past.

That’s probably my biggest hurdle to overcome starting Impact-Based Instruction.  Many golfers come through our doors already defeated and hopeless that they will ever be able to play a decent game of golf.  They’ve been at it for years and it hasn’t gotten any better.  In many cases, it’s gotten worse.  Many have been to big name teachers too.  They’re confused on so many things.  “I turned on the golf channel and ‘so and so’ says move your hips like this!  Then someone else on the same station contradicts and says try this new hip move!  Then I pick up a golf magazine and their 5 instruction articles all claim to improve my game, but don’t.  They all contradict one another!  The lessons I take all want to change my swing, but I can’t do it.”  And it goes on and on!

This “Style-Based” instruction is an epidemic in our industry and is literally driving people away from the game by the millions.  It’s absurd and the train is moving downhill fast.  No organization is willing to step in and help.  It’s shocking to me that nowhere can someone be trained to become a professional golf instructor.  Not even the PGA has a track for this.   A few of us teachers have put together our own training programs, but it’s not sufficient.  We’re left with a landscape of inadequately trained golf teachers who have a pretty lousy rate of helping golfers improve their games.

I get asked all the time, “Bobby, with all your talent, why would you give up playing to teach?  There’s no money in it anyway!”  And they have a point.  But they don’t see what I see.  To date, my team of instructors (who I have personally trained) and I have helped about 2,000 golfers with personal lessons.  The feedback and testimonials have been nothing short of astounding!  I can honestly say that we have helped improve EVERY golfer’s game that has come through our door.  HOW? Because all we do is improve their IMPACT without changing their swing!  We let every golfer keep their natural style of swing and everything we do is for the sole purpose of improving their Impact.  If their Impact improves, so will their game!  That’s a 100% guarantee!  Our students walk away from our lessons with a renewed hope and vigor, rededicated to the game.  They develop an understanding of what proper Impact is, how to achieve it, and how to fix it when things aren’t going well.  We empower our students to a higher understanding.

Teaching to me is fun!  I absolutely love it.  It’s why I accepted a lesson last night and will be teaching on my birthday today, when I had planned on taking the day off.  I love the people I have met.  I believe that golfers are the kindest and nicest demographic of people in the world.  I’m proud just to call myself a golfer.  I have found my calling and my mission, to help people enjoy this great game by learning how to play better.  And my message is simple, “Better Impact = Better Golf”.  I am delighted in what my team has accomplished in two short years and encouraged about the future.  I can’t wait to expand our Impact Zone Golf Academies to new cities and to travel this summer to our increasing number of “Remote Signature Golf Schools”.  And I hope to see you soon!


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