The Power Plant

In order to max out your ability to create power and accuracy in your swing you have to go to your power plant. It is not a destination but rather lies within you. I want you to think about how a boxer throws a knockout punch.

He engages his power through his workhorse. That’s his legs and core. This is where he can use the big muscles to deliver that knockout blow. By pushing off of the ground and propelling his body towards his opponent. He then releases the punch after that push off through his opponent. With this type of power he uses his entire body to deliver that knockout blow, not just his arms.

To deliver that max speed and power in golf we do the exact same thing. We load up with the backswing. Maxing that load at the top. Next is the start of the downswing. It starts with a push off the back foot towards the target. Next the workhorse starts to rotate. The hip begins to open towards the target and the arms are pulled along by the rotation. The club follows and lag is produced. The rotation also helps the player square up the club at Impact. The arms are catapulted through and the club strikes the ball. Then the hands release from the momentum of the club and the workhorse continues to a full finish.

To max out your distance and accuracy you must go to your power plant. Your hands will be passive and your workhorse aggressive. This also builds more Club head speed that will translate into distance. We all want to hit it further, so use this same concept with every club in your bag (except your putter). Even on short shots you will find they will be crisper and have better stopping power.

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