Clampett’s Corner – Releasing the Club

This week’s Clampett’s Corner question comes from Tom, and he wants to know about releasing the club.

I’m excited this question was asked because it provides me the opportunity to address a few questions at the same time.

    1. What is release?
    2. Where do you release the club?
    3. Is the release of the club automatic?
    4. How does this release contribute to optimal impact?

There are a lot of misconceptions about club release and several varieties of interpretations of the phrase.  The release takes place at the end of the lag right before impact.  The centrifugal force of your body’s motion during a golf swing propels the club into its release.  The longer you can delay the release, holding a proper angle through lag, the quicker the club will be moving on impact.  This should give you more yardage on your shots, and an overall cleaner golf swing.  Take a look in this edition of Clampett’s Corner.

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