Ideal ball position for driver

Today’s Clampett’s Corner question is all about ball position. It was submitted by Jim, who has been golfing for 50 years.
His question involves avoiding a fade when hitting with the driver.  And it all comes down to ball position.

When I’m teeing it up, and even when hitting nearly all my iron shots, I like to have the ball positioned about three inches inside my left heel.  However, it’s different for every golfer.  Some touring pros like Bubba Watson position the ball outside the front toe.  Equipment is a big factor in determining where to position the ball for any golfer.  Downward or upward swings will come into play.  Ideally, the less variation in ball positioning for your different clubs will be better for you.  It means you don’t have to change your swing.  One less thing to have to think about, right?

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