Clampett’s Corner – Swing Style

There are so many swing styles on tour and around the world at public golf courses, as well.  You don’t have to have the swing style of Ernie Els to be successful.  Just look at Jim Furyk–his swing would be considered very technically unsound, but his resume speaks for itself.  So let’s talk about swing styles and what will work most effectively for you in lowering that handicap.

A lot of players move off the ball on their backswing, while others, like me, tend to stay centered.  Whatever style you employ, generating quality load, lag, and workhorse.  In my teachings at Impact Zone, we start from where the individual golfer’s swing is at impact, and then work backwards from there.

Give this Clampett’s Corner a look to understand more about swing style.

Bobby announces his only Impact Zone Golf School of the Summer at the beautiful Monterey Peninsula!

Space is limited, but there is still an opportunity to get in on the fun. It will be held on June 10th and 11th at the Quail Lodge in Carmel, CA – the same club where Bobby learned to play the game as a youngster! Details can be found here: Impact Zone Golf – LIVE 2-day School

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