Impact Zone Golf Partners with Keiser University College of Golf

IMPACT ZONE GOLF PARTNERS WITH KEISER UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF GOLF Bobby Clampett and Impact Zone Golf have partnered with the Keiser University College of Golf to offer every student attending Keiser University College of Golf the opportunity to be trained in the IMPACT ZONE™ curriculum.  As a result, the student is able earn an IMPACT […]

How to increase distance in your golf game

Bobby here, This week’s question comes from Larry, who wants to put more power in his swing and increase his distance. Although his contact is consistent, he has a bad back and does not have a lot of power in his golf swing. Additionally, he feels like he is slapping at the ball at impact. Well Larry, […]

Committing to Your Shot

In order to make a good shot you have to have 100% commitment. When you are not committed muscles tighten up and a free flowing swing is difficult. Taking the steps to ensure you are confident of the shot you are about to take is of the utmost importance. One of the best forms of […]

What Are The Advantages Of Properly Fit Golf Clubs?

What Are The Advantages Of Properly Fit Golf Clubs? Properly fit equipment is extremely valuable to playing your best golf.  Also, knowing HOW to USE that properly fit equipment will help you break through.  Dennis came to our first Winter season golf school at The Rookery.  He, like all golfers, wanted play better and add […]

The reason we train is to breakthrough

The reason we train is to breakthrough Assess and Educate. Train, and Breakthrough.  The reason we train is to breakthrough.  All of us have performance goals that we want to break through and reach new levels of success.  One of the players I have been fortunate enough to know and coach is Chris B. Chris has […]

The Workhorse of the Golf Swing

The Workhorse of the Golf Swing The Body Pivot Dr. Eric Wilson, PGA Master Instructor IMPACT ZONE™ Master Instructor This is the 5th article in the series I’ve written about the IMPACT ZONE™ Dynamics.  Before moving onto the IMPACT ZONE  Fifth Dynamic, Swinging the Club Along a Straight Plane Line Through the Impact Zone, I feel it […]

Did you say 10 cm swing bottom or qiu gan bai dong 10 li mi???

Did you say 10 cm swing bottom or qiu gan bai dong 10 li mi??? After living in China for two months I am not going to profess to you that I can speak anything clearly at all. The other day I asked the price for three bottles of tea and was then presented with […]

Joe Daley – Shining Star at Senior Players Championship

IMPACT ZONE™ Master Instructor, Sam Randolph, gives insight into his work with Joe Long-time journeyman, Joe Daley came through big on Sunday at the Constellation Senior Players Championship with a sizzling hot final round of 68 that left him two shots clear of Tom Lehman with a four round total of 14-under par. Considered a […]

What about Rickie Fowler?

He’s been in the golfing news a lot lately.  Some considered the young gun, who dresses like a creamsicle, too inexperienced to play on the last Ryder Cup team and criticized the decision to make him part of the team without an official win on the PGA Tour.  But he has silenced his critics of […]

Bubba Watson, Masters Champion & Model for IMPACT ZONE™ Dynamics

Bubba Watson won the Masters Golf Tournament with what some golf aficionados describe as a less than classic swing. However, when comparing the Bubba Watson swing dynamics to the ideal dynamics of Impact Zone Golf®, the results aren’t surprising at all. Let’s take them one by one: