How to increase distance in your golf game

Bobby here,

This week’s question comes from Larry, who wants to put more power in his swing and increase his distance.

Although his contact is consistent, he has a bad back and does not have a lot of power in his golf swing. Additionally, he feels like he is slapping at the ball at impact.

Well Larry, the first thing that I think of when I hear that you are “slapping” at the ball is that your swing bottom is behind the golf ball. If you follow along with my Impact Zone DVD instruction, I am referring to Dynamics 2 and 5.

Once you understand the problem, the second thing you must do to get the most out of your impact is to increase your load, lag, and workhorse and use those three in unison. You can build these three things by working to stay in shape with yoga, regular exercise and maintaining a healthy fitness program. To learn how to increase distance in your golf swing, watch the video below.

If you have any comments or questions about how to increase your distance, leave them below and your question might be featured on my next Clampett’s Corner!

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