What Are The Advantages Of Properly Fit Golf Clubs?

What Are The Advantages Of Properly Fit Golf Clubs?

Properly fit equipment is extremely valuable to playing your best golf.  Also, knowing HOW to USE that properly fit equipment will help you break through. 

Dennis came to our first Winter season golf school at The Rookery.  He, like all golfers, wanted play better and add more distance to his tee shot.  We ended our Signature School that weekend with a driver Trackman session for all students. 

Dennis had been fit for his driver prior to the school, but no one really explained to him how the driver worked.  The first few shots he hit flew straight but very low, and didn’t carry very far.  Here’s a Trackman screenshot from his first shots.

trackman golf

So this graph shows a low launching, high spinning shot, that didn’t carry very far.  Dennis was hitting the ball very well on the sweet spot of the club as you can see– his smash factor number is 1.51, which is optimal. 

After a few tweaks to his driver setup and some advice from Advanced Instructor Kevin Walker, Dennis then hit this shot…

trackman assesment

By changing the launch angle from 7.4 to 11.6, Dennis hit the ball higher, with less spin, creating 25 yards more carry, and 18 more yards TOTAL distance on his tee shot. 

Studies have shown that if a 90’s shooter added 20 yards on average to their tee shot, it would save them 4 shots a round.  This is why proper equipment, and knowing how to use your equipment is so important.  You could potentially be playing equipment that isn’t made for your swing AT ALL, costing yourself shots every time you tee it up. 

I encourage you to come see a Certified Instructor here at Impact Zone to get on the path to great golf.

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