Committing to Your Shot

In order to make a good shot you have to have 100% commitment. When you are not committed muscles tighten up and a free flowing swing is difficult. Taking the steps to ensure you are confident of the shot you are about to take is of the utmost importance.

One of the best forms of advice is to see, sense, and commit. That means see in your mind the shot you want to hit, it’s shape and height. Then feel the shot you are trying to create with a few practice swings. Commit to that feeling and step up to your shot and execute.

Without this commitment we are unsure of what we are trying to achieve. How many times have you been successful at something you were unsure of? More than likely never. Some players have a hard time seeing it in their minds. Some players are all about feel. Some are visual. You need to find what works best for you and then drill that routine into all of your shots. Don’t pull the trigger until you feel comfortable with what you are about to do. This will boost your confidence level and give you the best opportunity to pull off the shot.

Take this  approach to the range and then transfer it to the course. Whatever routine you decide on try to keep it around 30 seconds. Just enough time to choose your target, line it up, feel the swing you desire, and go. Any longer then 30 seconds not only slows play but let’s the mind start to wander. That is when swing thoughts begin to add up. Too many of these will cause the swing to become contrived and unnatural.

In other sports we don’t have time to think, we just react. I golf because the ball is not moving, so it gives us lots of time for thoughts that are detrimental to come into play. Work all of your swing thoughts out in your pre-shot routine before you settle in at address. Now your mind will be free of swing thoughts and your body will be able to react like it does in other sports. This raises confidence and in turn raises your commitment to the shot. As long as you are committed you will have a much better result.

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