22 October, 2015 by Josh Jeffers

The reason we train is to breakthrough

The reason we train is to breakthrough

Assess and Educate. Train, and Breakthrough.  The reason we train is to breakthrough.  All of us have performance goals that we want to break through and reach new levels of success. 

One of the players I have been fortunate enough to know and coach is Chris B. Chris has been a solid player for quite some time but has shown struggles during competition.  Recently , I challenged Chris to stop relying on his flipping release so much and use more of his workhorse to help control the clubface to give him more control and consistency on his shots. Chris and I worked on controlling the starting direction of shots and learning how to “trust” the new sensation he was feeling. 

After some very good sessions and practices, Chris has played very well in two tournaments.  He shot 72-78 in the Florida Mid-Senior Amateur, and the following month he tied for 5th in the Southwest Florida Amateur with rounds of 72-77. 

Chris is the perfect example of how to train, practice, and give yourself time to make the proper changes instead of trying to take a shortcut, or use a quick tip. 

Awesome playing Chris…keep it up. 

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  1. You should realize by know, asses does NOT mean assess!!!!!!

    You probably should correct the spelling of first word of your blog post…

    1. Ken – get your mind of out the gutter and re-read that first sentence! You may have jumped the gun a bit! =)

      1. Josh: I could swear (no pun intended) there was a typo to the start of your 22 October blog. Must have read without having enough coffee to wake up these tired old eyes this morning. I even went to online dictionary to check spelling before I sent comment in. My apologies. I’m an 18 handicap here locally in Naples and looking for some help now that I’m retired. Your Impact Zone program looks interesting. But I’d better get my eyes checked first before signing up. Ken Johndon

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