Here at Impact Zone Golf, we use Swing Catalyst to do a MRI of how you shift your weight through the golf swing. This allows us to understand how you use the ground to create power. We can see where your weight is at any point of the swing. We can compare these to the Touring professionals. This can help you gain distance and increase club speed along with helping you improve the dynamics. Many players hit thin shots due to improper weight shift.

Loss of power is also a factor. Power is effectively lost due to not enough weight on the lead foot at impact. The average Tour professional has 80% of his or her weight on the front foot at Impact. That percentage continues to get higher to the finish. We see many amateur players have a backup of weight shift after impact. This again can cause thin shots and a loss of power.

Stop in to Impact Zone Golf in Naples and let one of our teaching staff assess your swing to improve your game and help you add distance and accuracy to your ball striking.

Contact Bernard Sheridan at 239-236-5536

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