The Line Drill

The line drill is without a doubt one of the best drills to help you with three of the five dynamics. Used in conjunction with the toolbox and impact powder, it will improve your ball striking along with compression and distance. As shown in the video, setup behind the back line and swing for the front line. You want to miss the back line and get your swing bottom to be on the second line. That is dynamic #2 the four inch forward swing bottom. If this happens you will also produce dynamic #1, a flat lead wrist. Both of these will also help you get the workhorse involved which will in turn produce dynamic #4 creating lag and delivering it into impact. Do this drill 15 minutes without a ball everyday and you will see improvement quickly. You can then introduce a ball on the back line and let it get in the way. The result will be ball then turf contact. If you hit the turf before the ball then go back to the drill with no ball again. In time you will see the divot happen after the ball and result in Pro contact. This drill can be done on a mat or on the grass at the range or even in your backyard.

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