Look Like a Pro on the Downswing

This summer marks 30 years of playing golf for me. Wow – can it be true? I had played baseball from the ages of 5 to 12. And then it happened . . . I played 9 holes of golf with my dad and as soon as I connected with the golf ball and saw […]

Ever Learning

Ever Learning and Never Able to Come to Golf Swing Truth? I have found that the broad-based appeal of the Impact Zone fundamentals can be attributed to the fact that they are so plainly evident in the swings of all competent ball-strikers. I am specifically referring to three of the five IMPACT ZONE™ dynamics: the angle […]

“Golf in the Kingdom” Movie Screening & Film

We’re sure you’re as excited as we are to see our friend, Michael Murphy, has taken his best-selling novel, “Golf in the Kingdom” to the big screen!  With the holidays upon us and some welcome downtime from a busy season, we encourage you to take some time and check out this inspirational and entertaining film.

Champions Tour School – 2011

Arriving at the TPC Scottsdale Champions Course on Sunday morning, November 13th for the first practice round of the final stage of Qualifying School was a lot like walking toward a funeral gathering.  The mood was very quiet. Golfers were getting their clubs to the range at the crack of dawn, as it was “getting […]

The End of the Golfing Season – Golf is a Process

The End of the  Golfing Season “What kind of year did you have Bobby?”  It’s a good question that doesn’t have an easy answer.   I’ve been asked that question several times in various ways.  “Oh, you’re going to Q-School?  What’s that mean?”  Or I hear, “Thought you had a great year Bobby. How do you […]

On Board the Seoul Train

I was awake early one recent morning enjoying a cup of coffee in my home in Carmel, CA when my cell phone buzzed.  My caddie, Cliff, had just sent me a text message.  “You’re in the Songdo IBD Championship. Dan Forsman just withdrew.”  I woke up my wife Marianna with the great news!  Minutes later […]

“Synchronicity and Golf in the Kingdom”

“What do you want for your birthday”, came the annual question from my wife back in March of this year.  “Oh, I don’t know”, came the usual response.  “Oh, you’re so hard to shop for; you buy everything you need or want”, came the reply from my wife.  Then she put on her thinking cap.

First Impact Zone Teacher Workshop

The first IMPACT ZONE™ Teacher Workshop was held on August 29th and 30th and was a time I will long remember for how special it was. To have Lee Martin and Ben Doyle, my two mentors who taught me the game, join me for two days was really amazing, as this has never happened before.

Thoughts From the 2011 PGA Championship

It was a wild and busy week for me at this year’s PGA. Besides being on-air for 28 hours on Direct TV over the four days with my “In Depth” partner, Grant Boone, I found some time to workout and practice.