Keiser University College of Golf Offers Students IMPACT ZONE™ Player Certification

Students at Keiser University College of Golf have been given the unique opportunity to pursue IMPACT ZONE™ Player Certification through lessons with PGA Master Professional and IMPACT ZONE Master Instructor Dr. Eric Wilson, Executive Director of Golf Operations for the College of Golf in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Bobby Clampett, PGA Tour player, CBS Sports golf analyst, and author of the widely acclaimed book, The Impact Zone, has launched a revolutionary new teaching and learning system based on the five dynamics of proper impact outlined in his book.  Bobby and his Impact Zone Golf staff have developed the unique designation of IMPACT ZONE Player Certification, which is designed to recognize dedicated golfers who have learned and applied the five dynamics of the IMPACT ZONE GOLF® system. Players who wish to be certified by Impact Zone Golf  must meet the following requirements:

*Students will have studied The Impact Zone book and/or DVD

*Students will have taken instruction on all of the IMPACT ZONE Dynamics from an IMPACT ZONE Certified/Master Instructor

*Students must pass an exam, which requires that he or she thoroughly demonstrate a knowledge of impact-based dynamics

Dr. Wilson continues to conduct IMPACT ZONE clinics with students at The PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance. The clinics cover the IMPACT ZONE five dynamics, culminating with an evaluation of putting, chipping, pitching, and full swings. Many students have begun to be tested and some have become Certified IMPACT ZONE Players.

For more information on IMPACT ZONE Player Certification, please contact [email protected].


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