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Ever Learning and Never Able to Come to Golf Swing Truth?

I have found that the broad-based appeal of the Impact Zone fundamentals can be attributed to the fact that they are so plainly evident in the swings of all competent ball-strikers. I am specifically referring to three of the five IMPACT ZONE™ dynamics: the angle created on the backswing between the left arm and the club shaft (loading), the maintaining of that angle well into the downswing (lagging), and a forward swing bottom. Look at printed or video-based swing sequences and you’ll see these common dynamics so clearly there is only one word to sum it up – crystal!

Golf swing wisdom is often like trickle-down economics: if you see or hear a nugget of truth at the highest levels of the game – often written up in the golf magazines of the day – you’ll sooner or later hear your local instructor or well-intentioned golf friends all abuzz with the latest secret move promising Bubba Watson-like distance or David Toms-like accuracy. In addition to this “heard it on tour first” phenomenon, there seems to be a growing number of “closet golf intellectuals” and self-appointed “swing scientists” ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of golf swing truth. Golfers beware!

Just when you think you’ve finally listened to Bagger Vance and found an authentic, “dynamic” swing, a visit to your local bookstore or browsing of a popular web forum or viewing of a late night infomercial will leave you dizzy with conflicting ideas. Swing the clubhead. Swing the handle. Swing your arms. Swing up. Swing around. Pivot. Don’t pivot. Release the club. Hold off the release. Shift your weight. Stay centered. Be athletic. Take a divot. Don’t take a divot. Perfect your timing. Forget timing. And on and on it goes. To top it off, everyone seems to cite some scientific authority supporting their views.

Here’s my suggestion: have your swing videoed and sit down with a trusted IMPACT ZONE certified  instructor. Look for backswing load, downswing lag and a forward swing bottom. If you see these dynamics in your swing motion, it doesn’t much matter what you feel. Throw the clubhead or swing the handle. Feel an active pivot or merely the swinging of your arms. Feel the need to intentionally take a divot or none at all. Maybe even go so far as Hank Haney and look at the brim of your hat on the downswing to avoid the driver yips. No matter! Sing a song or hum a tune. Inhale or exhale. It’s all ok and it’s all uniquely you. Feel may not be real as they say, but it’s all you’ve got in the blink of an eye it takes to swing the club. Feel what you feel and confirm the presence of the essentials once in a while and I honestly believe you’ll find your golfing happy place.

The promise of IMPACT ZONE fundamentals is that you can truly have it your way. Bobby Clampett has defined the “what” of any golf swing worth a darn past, present or future. He and his team of instructors have outlined many bread crumbs intended to help you along the path to swing proficiency. How you achieve the dynamics pales in importance to actually accomplishing them. Don’t let go of the essential dynamics and you won’t be tossed hither and yon by well-meaning friends, method-based instructors or golf swing intellectuals. There is simply no reason to waste time “looking beyond the mark.” Your golfing life is simply not long enough to chase your tail endlessly. Don’t fall victim to chasing the train when you are already on it. Golf swing essentials are right in front of you. Embrace them and enjoy the game.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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