The End of the Golfing Season – Golf is a Process

The End of the  Golfing Season
“What kind of year did you have Bobby?”  It’s a good question that doesn’t have an easy answer.   I’ve been asked that question several times in various ways.  “Oh, you’re going to Q-School?  What’s that mean?”  Or I hear, “Thought you had a great year Bobby. How do you feel about it?”  Well, golf is a process.

In my mind, I say, “It is what it is!”  It is either a good year or a bad year, depending on the story you want to build around it.  The same could be said of life.  It’s all about one’s perspective.

But having an analytical mind, whenever I evaluate a year, I have to break it down.  Golf is a process of building many different facets of the game and bringing them all together.  One good place to start is to compare events and results with the previous year.  Here is what the statistics say:

My 2010 Champions Tour                                 My 2011 Champions Tour

Events Played        15                                                     Events Played         17

Money Earned      389,811 – 45th                             Money Earned       $229,645 – 57th

Scoring Avg.           71.0 – 31st                                    Scoring Avg.    71.34 – 43rd

Driving Distance   285.5 – 11th                                  Driving Distance    276.9 – 28th

Driving Accuracy  66.35% – 66th                             Driving Accuracy 61.59% – 73rd

GIR %               68.02% – 41st                                        GIR%            68.00% – 46th

Sand Save           52.27% – 15th                                   Sand Save           46.75% – 44th

Putts per round    29.24 – 22nd                                 Putts per round    29.10 – 20th

Putts per GIR         1.779 – 29th                                 Putts per GIR         1.776 – 28th

Scrambling %        55.21 – 57th                                  Scrambling              57.99% – 38th

Birdies Per Round  3.94 – 16th                                  Birdies Per Round  3.75 – 31st

Bounce Back       21.74% – 26th                                 Bounce Back      24.49% – 17th

Top 10 Finishes    3                                                        Top Ten Finishes   1

Best Finish              T4                                                     Best Finish              T5

All-Around Ranking 28th                                           All-Around Ranking 39th

So what does all this mean?  The most glaring stat was driving, both distance and accuracy.  I had switched drivers at the beginning of the year to one that was not a good fit for me.  I used it for about half of the events, then went back to the driver I used the year before.  My stats improved during the second part of the year.  Now I have a new Nike driver after spending four days at “The Oven” (more on this incredible Nike facility and experience in a future article) that I am confident will be better than either of the other two I was using.

But it’s not all equipment.  If I can simply raise my GIR (Greens In Regulation) stat by one green per round, I would be the leading money winner.  That’s the fine line we live by on the Champions Tour.  My driving accuracy will need to improve to accomplish this.  I have made a recent discovery in my swing that I think will be the difference.  I’ve also made some improvements to my putting and to my course preparation with regard to reading the greens better.   All in all, I’m getting rid of the rust and can’t wait for next year!

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