I took your clinic in Steamboat/Catamount summer before last. I’m a 17-20 handicap my entire life and now 65 years old. I watch your videos regularly but I’m a hands on learner so it is hard for me to take tips from any video and incorporate into my swing/game. I’ve had lots lessons from various pga pros and my game remains basically the same. My home pro tells me his lessons over the past 25 years are successful because my game is no worse with age. That is true but still discouraging if I’ll never improve. But I wanted to let you know I could/have applied this video lesson of lifting my left heel into my swing (normally I don’t get much turn and I have a “armisy” type swing) and I am hitting the driver/woods/rescue farther and straighter. But the same does not seem to apply to shorter irons. Any additional tips to help me to turn and get thru the swing/ball with 7 iron-wedges?


Hello Dennis, my name is Lloyd Johnson. I am a Impact Zone Instructor, and I am going to offer a suggestion to your weight shift issue.
When my students tell me that they are not getting through the ball, I always pay attention to there follow through. When a “armisy” player doesn’t use there lower body to create power, the individual will usually use there right hand to hit the ball. This will usually cause the left arm to pull in on the follow through. Some call this “The chicken wing”.

When your arms pull in, your weight has to stay back on your right foot.
I try to get my students to feel as though there turn is throwing there arms down the fairway. When you start your down swing with your lower body, the arms and hands gather the ball up, and the momentum is pulling you towards the target. When I start my down swing with my lower body, I feel the momentum of turning my hips is sending my arms down the fairway, and pulling all my weight to my front foot. When I’m watching my ball go towards my target, I want 100% of my weight on my front foot.

I hope this helps you, if you have any questions let me know.

Thanks Lloyd Johnson

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