I hit my 2-hybrid and 3-wood 190. I hit my new Maverick Driver 190. What’s going on? I need more distance on driver, how do I get there?


My name is Paul Surniak i am a senior staff instructor with Impact Zone Golf. Thank you so much for your question. Distance inconsistencies and how to get more of it are very  common questions. There are many reasons for your problem starting with but not limited to anything from improperly fit clubs to poor impact to lack of clubhead speed. if you are local down here in Florida i would love for you to come in to look at all the possibilities. lets first look at clubs and club fitting, 2 hybrids, 3 woods and drivers are the least lofted clubs in your bag and if not hit with a lot of speed require more loft. most people think that a lower loftevd club will go further but only if it is hit with a lot of speed. i spent 7 years on the national long drive circuit and won 6 long drive competitions and through my experience most people do not play enough loft on their driver which will cause a shorter drive. but lets assume you have been fitted properly and the clubs are right for you. then i would start to look at your 5 dynamics, are you hitting the ball at the right attack angle, do you have a flat lead wrist at impact, where are you bottoming out in your swing, are you loading the club properly and holding that load well into the downswing and last are you using your body correctly. Also are you hitting it in the center of the club? Any one of these items or a combination of them will cause a shot gapping with little or no separation. My suggestion would be to find an instructor certified in Impact based Instruction and have an assessment done on your swing. Better yet if you are down in Florida i would love the opportunity to work with you and help you through this problem. please feel free to contact me with any additional questions. 

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