16 January, 2015 by Bobby Clampett

Clampett’s Corner – Thin Shots

You’ve played your whole life trying to avoid hitting the ground before the ball, because as you know, it ends up being a fat shot.  However, with this intended correction, you’re likely hitting far too many thins shots as a result.  Thin shots can drive you nuts.  They can rack up strokes on your score card.  And yet, you’re still so afraid of that chunky divot that leaves you having to wipe down your club and walk shamefully up to your ball, which has traveled far less than you’d hoped for.

In this edition of Clampett’s Corner, Bobby walks you through correcting your propensity to hit thin shots.  You’ll learn to perform drills that actually have you taking a big divot, because when you aren’t afraid to load lag through the workhorse, your fear of fat shots will disappear, and that crisp, beautiful swing with a perfect divot will be the end result.  Well, not exactly.  The end result will be lower scores and more enjoyment for a lifetime of great golf.

If you are struggling to increase both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your clubhead lag, you will discover something special in this newly released video. Bobby Clampett, commonly referred to as the “King of Lag”, is proud to present Impact Zone Golf’s Clubhead Lag Program.

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  1. now that you’ve addressed hitting it thin, how about how to avoid hitting it fat (my ongoing nemesis) – how do you get the load, lag and especially the workhorse to the ball without the workhorse sliding forward

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