Tiger’s Dramatic Comeback

I was glued to the television this weekend watching Tiger win the ZoZo Championship (PGA Tour’s First Ever Sanctioned event in Japan). What to me was more impressive than the 3 shot margin of victory which tied Sam Snead for the all-time PGA Victory mark of 82, was the way Tiger started the tournament. Only one month off of another...


A Story of Friendship, Footwear and Food – The BC 1850

A Story of Friendship, Footwear and Food – The BC 1850 This past week, I was blessed to have my good friends, Don and Jean Jensen, drop by our Indoor Performance Center in Naples, FL to see me and Marianna.  Don and Jean have been very special people in my life and I’d like to share the story with you. ...


Why Tiger and I could never find a golf coach?

News of Tiger’s departure from his most recent coach, Chris Como, should come as no surprise to anyone.  Tiger’s growing list now includes the so-called world’s best instructors:  Butch Harmon, Hank Haney, Sean Foley and now Chris Como.  It’s also worth mentioning that Tiger has spoken to so many more and gotten their feedback over the years.  After the “interviewing”...


Know your clubs and know your way around the course

One thing that sets Tour Pros apart is their knowledge of both the game of golf and of their own abilities on the course. For example, all Tour Pros know the yardage of every club in their bag. In an interview with Trackman, Dustin Johnson recently expressed the benefit of knowing the yardage of his clubs, saying “ I’ve been...


The Bernhard Langer I Know

I got up at 5 a.m. last Sunday, tuning into Golf Channel’s live internet feed from Wales, eager to watch Bernhard Langer win the Senior British Open for the third time. He didn’t disappoint. I’m blessed to call Bernhard one of my best friends.  Over the years, we’ve spent a lot of time together, both on and off the course. ...


How to increase distance in your golf game

Bobby here, This week’s question comes from Larry, who wants to put more power in his swing and increase his distance. Although his contact is consistent, he has a bad back and does not have a lot of power in his golf swing. Additionally, he feels like he is slapping at the ball at impact. Well Larry, the first thing that I...


Left wrist at impact with bunker shots

There is nothing quite like a major tournament on the PGA Tour, and The Open at Royal Birkdale is truly special. My time playing at The Open is something that I will never forget, and this is one of the best events in all of sports. All of those bunkers-especially the iconic saucer guarding the green on the 7th hole reminded...


Manage your Emotions on the Golf Course

The mental game and focus of a PGA Pro can mean the difference between a tie or solo finish. Some of Professional Golf’s greatest performances have come from a player’s ability to master the mental side of their golf game. According to Jack Nicklaus, the mental side of the game accounts for 50% of a golfer’s success. Some believe it...


What to teach aspiring young golfers about the game of golf

In an interview with Fairways of Life, a caller asked me a great question about what to do when introducing his child to the game of golf. Learning the game at a young age is so important because kids are so observant and impressionable. Young golfers will see and imitate the fine points of any golfer’s swing for the rest...


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