Bobby Clampett Makes Impact at PGA Teaching Summit

Earlier this year, Bobby Clampett was given a rare invitation to present his keen insights on the golf swing at the annual PGA Teaching Summit held at the Nick Faldo Learning Institute in Orlando, Florida. Bobby held court with an audience of more than 500 PGA, LPGA and World PGA Alliance members in attendance. A video of Bobby’s full presentation is available for purchase here.

Joseph Hallet, executive director of the Teaching Summit said, “Many instructors know of Bobby Clampett and his career as a PGA Tour player and CBS broadcaster. What I’m sure they didn’t appreciate was how studied and bright Bobby is when it comes to the golf swing.”

Hallet continued, “The instructors that come to our summit each year are very discriminating, even critical. I’m confident they walked away knowing that Bobby understands and can explain the swing as well as anyone and that what he espouses can really make a difference on the lesson tee.”

After Bobby’s formal presentation, a breakout session was held. It started to rain and when Bobby wasn’t deterred, his audience grew while other scheduled sessions were canceled. Hallet said, “Bobby has a knack for captivating his listeners and that is evidenced by the fact that Bobby’s presentation, available for viewing by PGA members at, is near the top of those presentations most frequently watched.”

After a Tiger-like amateur career, with many records still standing, Bobby turned professional at the age of 20 after his junior year at Brigham Young University. After more than a decade of work as an analyst/commentator for CBS, Bobby unveiled his unique swing insights in his popular book, The Impact Zone, published in April 2007 with the talented writer Andy Brummer. The book’s thesis? Swing style is as unique as one’s signature, but creating dynamic impact (a golf swing’s moment of truth) is really the heart of the matter.

With the publication of the book came a flood of accolades from readers — from amateurs to teaching professionals, and other astute enthusiasts of the game. Bobby said, “Also apparent was the tremendous desire for instruction, and training aids to further complement the book. “I was not expecting such a wellspring of interest and desire for community that was simply impossible to ignore.”

To fulfill these requests, Bobby founded IMPACT ZONE GOLF®, to offer a wide range of instructional offerings, services, and products designed to enhance and accelerate the enjoyment and learning of the game of golf. More information, including a listing of certified instructors located throughout the United States and abroad, is available at Purchase the video of Bobby’s full presentation here.

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