Add Distance To Your Game

We all want to get more yardage out of our drives and irons. The Pros today on tour are hitting it farther then ever, and the average players wants to also. The only way you can get more distance is to maintain lag into impact. The best way to do this is to deliver the club with the workhorse. The torso and legs have more power than the arms and hands. This will also prevent the hands from releasing the club before impact. When this happens we gain power and strike the ball higher on the club face. This creates more compression on the ball. In turn the result is higher ball speed along with a better spin. Your shots go farther and stop faster.


So let’s look at the workhorse and in what sequence the body moves in the downswing. Many players believe that the lower body begins the downswing. This is true but if we think, move the lower body or hips first, then the lower body gets ahead of the upper body. Now they are out of sync and thin and fat shots happen. There is also a lack of power when this happens. If we can feel the upper and lower body moving together on the downswing, then the lower body will go first and not get out of sync with the upper body and arms. This allows a smoother transition and better tempo in the swing.

Now we feel a weight shift to the front foot on the downswing.

Add Distance To Your Game

As you can see, the trace above shows the pressure into the ground during the swing. This trace shows the weight shifting throughout the swing.

As long as the workhorse is the driver, the club will be delivered behind the hands. This leads to a forward swing bottom and forward shaft lean at impact. The result is more powerful shots along with added distance. Knowing where our weight is during the swing will allow us to feel the motion better and create a balanced powerful swing with less effort. Impact Zone Golf uses Swing Catalyst during our lessons so both the student and the instructor can know exactly what is happening during the player’s swing and make adjustments accordingly.

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