• Bobby Clampett, PGA Tour Winner, Champions Tour Player, CBS Sports Broadcaster, Author, and now PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching, developed a revolutionary teaching model, based on his study of his own journey as well as the best players in the world. Through his Impact-Based™ teaching, Bobby is transforming the way the game is taught and learned. Come transform your game with Impact Zone Golf's options for private instruction, golf schools, on-course playing instruction, and even on-line instruction. Call 239-980-9275 or email us at info@impactzonegolf.com.

  • Clampett’s Corner – Holding Lag

    If you are struggling to increase both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your clubhead lag, you will discover something special in this newly released video. Bobby Clampett, commonly referred to as the “King of Lag”, is proud to present Impact Zone Golf’s Clubhead Lag Program.


    Can’t Draw the Ball – Clampett’s Corner

    It’s the FINAL major of the year and we are doing something special for you. For the next three days only you can pick up SIX of my very best training programs at 60% off. That’s Five Dynamics, 1-on-1, The Clinic, Four Steps to Dynamic Impact, High Speed Training and Clubhead Lag PLUS coaching time […]


    Ball Bound Factor – Clampett’s Corner

    Bobby Clampett is a renowned PGA Tour player, Champions Tour player, golf instructor and commentator, and he has made a radical discovery in the world of golf instruction. Find out how you can discover the 5 keys to creating Dynamic Impact…the only thing that really matters in playing better golf! No matter your experience, handicap […]

  • The IMPACT ZONE™ Training System

    Now you can easily learn the keys to unlocking consistency and effortless power in your golf swing with The IMPACT ZONE Training System by Bobby Clampett of Impact Zone Golf. Bobby Clampett is a renowned PGA Tour player, Champions Tour player, golf instructor and commentator, and he has made a radical discovery in the world of golf instruction. In his experience teaching and playing, Bobby realized that although the swing styles of the best players in the game vary greatly (compare Jim Furyk's swing style to Tiger Woods and you immediately see the difference), their club's impact position is virtually the same for every great golfer.

  • Become an IMPACT ZONE™ Certified Instructor

    Benefits of becoming an IMPACT ZONE™ Certified Instructor:

    • Being recognized as very knowledgeable in one of the most important breakthroughs in golf instruction in our lifetime.
    • Access to a community of highly qualified professionals who will continue to enhance the knowledge of the teaching as well as student community though the sharing of their experience and information.
    • Being recognized on the IMPACT ZONETM website as a certified instructor so that students looking for instruction can contact you.
    • Growing your own knowledge in the game and the teaching of golf.
    • Potential to assist or lead IMPACT ZONE™ Signature Academies, Affiliated Schools, or Corporate Golf Schools, based on your availability, interest, and level of certification.

    To find out more about becoming an IMPACT ZONE™ Instructor email info@impactzonegolf.net or call 1-877-243-8718.

  • NEW!! Online Lessons and Swing Analysis

    Bobby Clampett's IMPACT ZONE™ Golf Academy is now open to the general public for a swing analysis performed by BOBBY CLAMPETT or an IMPACT ZONE™ Staff Instructor - your choice! Submit a video of your swing and receive the video analysis as it relates to the Dynamics of the IMPACT ZONE™ concept. (Not familiar with the IMPACT ZONE™ concept? Learn More)


    • IMPACT ZONE™ Staff Instructor
      • $50 per lesson
      • $250 for series of 6 lessons
    • Bobby Clampett
      • $250 per lesson
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Impact Zone Testimonials

  • The Impact Zone

    For the record, over 48 years of playing this great game I’ve purchased numerous golf instruction books, yours is the BEST! When done correctly the results are clear – seriously, THANK YOU!!

    Ken Russell
  • 4-Disc Training System Image HC

    I cannot tell you how much difference your DVD has made to us all! Your method, when I get it right, has added  20 yards to my drives. Some have gone 40 yards further!!

    Irene Irvine
  • 4-Disc Training System Image HC

    The DVDs are so easy to understand and gave me a great visual of how I should be hitting the ball. For those who can dedicate a few minutes a day towards your learning concepts, I guarantee they will greatly improve their game and begin to enjoy the process of learning on a daily basis! […]

    John Kuczeski
  • Impact Zone Golf Training System DVD

    Wow! Thanks so much for the DVDs – what a huge difference! I can actually hear the ball compress and I’m hitting my driver at least another 25 plus yards. I’m making solid contact on fairway woods which I used to top. I’m pumped! Since using the flat wrist principal my shot consistency is amazing! […]

    Lee Bailey
  • sam randolph

    The ImpactZone helps us through the confusion of ”which style” or ”what method” and takes us straight to the heart of the matter! It is not a method, just 5 dynamic fundamentals that every good player accomplishes in his or her OWN way. My students are playing better, thinking less and having more fun!

    Sam Randolph
  • Lee Martin pic

    “It is amazing to me how many perfect swing theories and systems are being taught today when it is all about IMPACT!  Ben Hogan said it, Jack Nicklaus said it, Lee Trevino said it, Tom Watson said it and Bobby Clampett EXPLAINED it”.  

    Lee Martin
  • 34

    The key to playing better golf is to learn to hit the ball better.  Teaching my students the proper dynamics related to impact has been a crucial step in my career and has allowed me help and attract more students. Since incorporating IZG in my teaching, I find that those I teach understand what I’m trying […]

    George DeVita
  • Cathy Schmidt

    I have been a student and teacher of the golfing machine for over 20 years. Achieving my masters level with TGM. Now a certified instructor with IZG, Bobby has given new life to attaining the results for precision mechanics through the 5 dynamics. My students now focus durring practice on their Dyno Meter, they are […]

    Cathy Schmidt

    I attended a golf clinic put on by Bobby Clampett featuring “The Impact Zone” and thought Bobby’s presentation was dead-on!  It is well understood by both the single-digit handicapper and the beginner. His five dynamics approach to hitting the ball far and straight works. The industry needs people like Bobby who work to make the game easier […]

    Bob Meyer
  • 44

    The dynamics of the Impact Zone methodology are an excellent way to teach the geometry and physics of the golf stroke to a student in a manner that is easy and enjoyable to learn. With so many sources of misinformation that are available to the golfing public, it is refreshing to know that I am […]

    Adam Nelson
  • jean

    My experience during the last 2 days has reached my expectations in the sense that the one to one coaching on every part of my game has given me the tools to continue to improve my game in the future with one specific objective, to be able to compress the ball.

    Jean Noel Bioul
  • kevinkeating

    Thank you, Bobby! I came to the school with the goal of learning to hit the ball more solidly and I came away with much more. I had no idea my putting would improve so much as well. I truly feel I now have the tools to take home with me to improve for many […]

    Kevin Keating, Esq
  • hs

    I have searched for 45 years for the secret to hitting the golf ball. I knew there was a secret that the pros were hiding from us. Thanks for lifting the veil. It is so exciting and a little scary applying this new technique but very rewarding. Will keep you posted on my progress, as […]

  • ga

    Bobby, I’ve enjoyed reading the book very much and I am on my 2nd time thru. I’m trying to apply the dynamics to my game, it is much easier to understand than The Golfing Machine which I’ve been trying read for years without much success.

  • hank

    The Impact Zone has absolutely revolutionized my ball striking! Thanks to Bobby, I now understand the difference between “swing dynamics” and “swing style.” I consider The Impact Zone to be the single best book on golf-period. “Mastering golf’s moment of truth” is transforming me from a 4 to a zero.

    Hank Hanegraaff
  • jw

    I wanted to thank you for writing the book “The Impact Zone” which I have just completed! I could immediately start to apply the principles that you described and have seen changes right away. My first round out was a 77 but more importantly, the shots were crisper and straighter (I hook the ball). Honestly, […]

    JW, San Diego