Side Saddle: What’s all the buzz about?

Side Saddle Putting A few weeks ago at the Shark Shootout, Bryson Dechambeau and his new side saddle-esque putting style were the talk of the town. Following in the footsteps of players like Sam Snead and K.J. Choi before him, he has become the latest notable tour player to utilize this unique method. What is […]

All Shots Need This Dynamic

Flat Left Wrist There are several clubs in your golf bag. Fourteen is the most you can carry under USGA rules. Each is built to do a different job. A putter is to keep the ball rolling on the ground, and wedges are meant to get the ball up high and land softly. Woods are […]

Don’t be afraid to switch up your grip

Don’t be afraid to switch up your grip! Putting woes plague even the best of golfers. Endless numbers of the world’s best players have battled with a balky putter from time to time. Sometimes it can be a deficiency in the stroke dynamics, sometimes it can be an ill-fitting putter, and other times it can […]

To line or not to line, that is the question

The Great Putter Line Debate A common question we get at the putting studio is whether a person should use a line to help align the ball toward the intended target when putting. The line is generally marked using a sharpie or already imprinted on the ball, and then is orientated on the green to […]

Dustin Johnson Switches Putter, Wins BMW

Dustin Johnson’s year on the PGA Tour has been superb. He has had a great statistical year on the ball striking side, been very consistent week in and week out, won his first Major Championship, leads the tour in money earned, and so on. So why would a guy playing so well make such an […]