All Shots Need This Dynamic

Flat Left Wrist

There are several clubs in your golf bag. Fourteen is the most you can carry under USGA rules. Each is built to do a different job. A putter is to keep the ball rolling on the ground, and wedges are meant to get the ball up high and land softly. Woods are built for distance. With that said, many players use different swings depending on the club in their hand. For standard shots- the same swing for most of your clubs remains the same.

Flat left wrist

The one thing that is a must, no matter what the shot happens to be, is a flat left wrist at Impact (right wrist if you’re left handed). This will ensure that the ball is higher on the clubface. This is a must for compression and control. If the lead wrist breaks down, the club will pass the hands at Impact. This leads to miss hits including fat and thin shots.

When putting, a flat left wrist is a must as well.

flat left wrist

It allows a pure end over end roll. It also keeps the ball online and the result is less putts ending up short.

If the lead wrist breaks down during the putting stroke, the ball will bounce then begin to roll. This slows the ball down and leads to putts left short of the hole.

The next time you go out to practice putting , chipping, or full swings- work on keeping that club head trailing your hands through Impact so that lead wrist remains flat. I promise you will be happy with the results and your scores will begin to drop.

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