The Impact Zone Golf Instruction Training System, High-Speed & Clubhead Lag DVD & Digital Bundle

$303.83 $119.99

Learn the true secrets of speed and how to create more of it by speed training and utilizing Dynamic #4, Lag. If you’re looking to hit the ball farther then this is the bundled series for you.



IMPACT-BASED® Teaching Series – The IMPACT ZONE® High-Speed & Clubhead Lag Training System DVD Set, as well as Digital Streaming Access to each product.


Bobby Clampett is a renowned PGA Tour player, Champions Tour player, golf instructor and commentator who has made a radical discovery in the world of golf instruction. In his experience teaching and playing, Bobby realized that although the swing styles of the best players in the game vary greatly (compare Jim Furyk’s swing style to Tiger Woods and you immediately see the difference), their club’s impact position is virtually the same for every great golfer.

That’s why Bobby developed his own training system based entirely around teaching golfers how to develop a professional quality impact position on every single swing. It is called The IMPACT ZONE High-Speed & Clubhead Lag Training System, by Impact Zone Golf®. For only $119.99, which is just a fraction of the cost of a single golf lesson, you will get this DVD set plus digital access that walks you through tips and drills that will help you understand how to ultimately hit the ball further. In each video, you will follow along with Bobby and start learning how hit the ball correctly at impact. Before you know it, you will be hitting the ball longer, with more consistency, and with the impact position of a touring professional.


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