IZG Advanced Level 1 Instructor Workbook

IZG Advanced Level 1 Instructor Workbook


First Instructor Workbook to aid the instructor to better understand and teach Impact-Based® Teaching Principles. Impact Zone Golf Advanced Instructor Training is designed for teaching professionals, coaches and even the avid golf enthusiast. By completing this training, the student will be well versed in the knowledge of Impact-Based® Teaching Concepts, which is a revolutionary way to gain faster results in one’s own game, as well as one’s students’ game.


The training consists of a self-study of written and video-based materials, each followed by an exam. Upon successful completion, PGA professionals will receive 20 MSR credits and LPGA professionals will receive 12 credits. Curriculum consists of:Read and study “The Impact Zone” by Bobby ClampettOnline Video ModulesImpact Zone Companion Guide Material and Instructor WorkbookIZG Digital AcademyBenefits of being an Impact Zone Golf Certified Instructor:Certificate of Impact Zone Instructor on linen paper, signed by Bobby.PGA Professionals –20 MSR Credits, 20 CPP Credits, 20 PGM Level 2 creditsLPGA Professionals – 12 credits First in line to lead Impact Zone Golf® programs offered by Impact Zone Golf or in a licensed facilityLearn how to more effectively improve their student’s impact and thus their gameUnderstand how to better communicate and simplify the message to studentsUnderstand how to prioritize student’s swing flaws and how to get improvement in many areas by focusing on one thingTips on how to improve lesson givingHigher Instruction Rate, higher Retention Rates means high earnings and more lessons.Alignment with the #1 Teaching Program in the WorldConnection with Bobby ClampettWholesale purchase of DVD System and IZG training aids to empower students to learn, so that you can spend time training Increased Teaching Confidence Greater personal satisfaction. This workbook and the Impact Zone Companion Guide Expanded Version form the complete textbooks for the Advanced Level One Instructor Training.


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