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Competitive Edge
Junior Camp

Competitive juniors can fine tune their game personally with Bobby Clampett at his Impact Zone Golf Academy at The Club at Renaissance. Conveniently located just minutes from Fort Myers Regional Southwest Airport, The Club at Renaissance is one of the area’s top clubs, featuring an Arthur Hills designed course as well as home to the newest Bobby Clampett Impact Zone Golf Academy.

Campers will have the opportunity to perfect their game with daily instruction and coaching from Bobby Clampett personally – PGA Tour Winner, PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching, and creator of Impact-Based® Teaching. Bobby Clampett and Impact Zone® philosophy begins by identifying what that proper impact really is and how all golfers can achieve it. In so doing, golfers can have the knowledge of what they want to accomplish at impact through their swing. When impact is improved, scores go down and the enjoyment of the game skyrockets.

The Academy’s state-of-the-art facility features includes not only the range and outdoor practice facilities, but also a building with 2 indoor hitting bays that can open out to the driving range, allowing juniors to learn and practice in a climate-controlled environment. Through Swing Catalyst High Speed cameras and pressure mats, Trackman and Foresight GC Quad launch monitors, participants will better understand the specifics of their swing and see their statistics, just like the PGA Tour professionals do! From clubhead speed to smash factor to spin rate, and everything in between, juniors can take advantage of data collected using the latest technology. Pressure systems will be used to see weight distribution throughout the swing. Swing Catalyst video will capture participants’ swings, with ability to play them in slow motion. On the putting green, juniors will be able to dial in their flat-stick with the SAM Putting Lab. From tee to green, campers can take advantage of technology to bring their game to the next level. All technology data, videos and recorded lesson reviews will be uploaded in each camper’s individual Coach Now training spaces.

Campers will also enjoy at least three 18 hole rounds at some of the area’s finest golf courses with opportunities to be personally coached by Bobby on the course. This camp will give a unique experience only a PGA Tour winner and renowned PGA Master Professional of Teaching and Coaching can provide!

Half and Full Day camps are also available.

Competitive Edge Day Camp
July 12-16, 2021
12 to 17 yrs

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Bobby Clampett, PGA - Camp Director

Known now as the ‘Father of Impact,’ many teachers agree that Bobby has had a greater influence on improving golfers’ games than any instructor in recent history. Bobby’s discovery dismantles all the confusing, conflicting golf theories and gives golfers an understanding and hope they never thought possible. Now retired, Bobby racked up 7 top 5 finishes on the PGA Champion’s Tour. His many accomplishments include:

To be the best, you must learn from the best. That’s why every Impact Zone junior golf camp instructor has been trained and tested in all aspects of the game by Bobby Clampett himself. Our promise – is to support, encourage, and respect each and every one of our campers and authentically inspire them to reach their full potential, both on and off the golf course.

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